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No one knows for certain how long it’s been in existence, but the swing set has surely been around as long as there have been trees and vines and kids to swing from them.
Well, if you’ve forgotten how awesome it is to soar on a swing set, or to careen through the air on a tire swing, we want to put some play back into your playtime with swing set ideas for your backyard. We bet you did not know that it’s a great architectural structure for a DIY swing set.

Whether it’s reclaimed from pallets, a romantic swing built for two, or just a colorfully painted old chair supported by rope, a DIY swing is not beyond your reach. But the Chopstick concession stand and swing set created by Visiondivision for the Indianapolis Museum of Art fused art and nature in an unexpected and responsible way.
All you need are swing hangers, a couple of swing seats with pinch-proof vinyl rubber coating, and maybe a few bags of rubber mulch for ground cover and color.

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