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The Navarro PyrocarverOn the market for nearly fifty years, this temperature-controlled pyrographic tool, contained in its own wood box, uses detachable wire points.
For more about the Colwood pyrographic tools, contact Colwood Electronics, 15 Meridian Road, Eatontown, NJ 07724, USA.
OPTIMA pyrographic toolsShown here is a unique combination burning pen and micro motor tool sharing a power source. Walnut Hollow is an American company that manufactures, in addition to a simple woodburning tool, an extensive line of unfinished wood products suitable for pyrography, certain art supplies, including colored oil pencils used by many pyrographers, and a number of books on woodburning.
The new Galaxy pyrographic toolColwood pyrographic tools, since 1979.This tool has a digital display and claims a unique circuitry designed to compensate for fluctuations in line voltage and provide precise control over the detailing in pyrographic work.
Including step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations cabinet mounted trunions: perfectly machined tools is essential, especially.

The Detail Master pyrographic tools and points are featured in Robert Boyer's book, The Amazing Art of Pyrography. The Hot Tool, shown here with a pyroengraved gourd by Duane Teeter, is a solid-point tool with no variable temperature capability. In the USA, there is a simple woodburning tool of the soldering iron type sold by WalMart, an American chain store. The Triform 180a unique machine that is a hot wire cutter, line bending machine, and pyrography tool with one heat setting for the sculptor and pyrography tool. The Hakko Pyro-Toolis the pyrography tool manufactured in Japan.For more about Hakko pyro tools and to see some pyrographed art by Japanese artists, visit their website linked here, and click on JAPAN, to not get lost. It is especially good at holding steady temperatures at the cooler settings, where some other brands go from too cold to too hot, with no control in between.

Pyrographic Tools and Techniques Exhibit main page or go directly to the Antique Tools Exhibit. Warranty The Optima 1 (single or dual burner) now carries a life time parts and labor warranty against manufacturing defects for the power supply, cord, and pen body (as of Feb., 1st 1997).

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