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Making a mortise-and-tenon joint may be a daunting pros­pect to the novice woodworker, but with the proper tools, shap­ing the parts is a quite straight­forward process. The tenon should be between one third and one half of the thickness of the stock from which it is made. Set your mortise gauge to the chosen tenon thickness, posi­tioning the points so that it will score a pair of lines that dis­tance apart. When using the mortise attach­ment, the drill press is oper­ated in much the same way as when it performs ordinary drill­ing tasks. After the glue has set, remove the clamps and cut off the dow­els, using a sharp chisel or a flush saw.
It’s strong, durable, and little affected by the expansion or contraction of wooden mem­bers as a result of temperature and humidity changes.

As any ex­perienced cabinetmaker will tell you, proper layout is just as important as the cutting and shaping to follow.
On the table saw, position the fence so that the distance from the opposite side of the blade to the fence matches the desired length of the tenon.
The spinning bit will do most of the cutting, but the chisel squares off the corners around the hole, producing the shouldered mortise hole.
In cutting accu­rate mortises, it is essential that the sides of the chisel be square to the stock. Glue is often used to connect mortise-and-tenon joints, as are dowels driven through the joint. When shaped properly, mortise-and-tenon joints can even be deco­rative elements in the finished appearance of a piece. A perfectly shaped tenon that’s the wrong size or shape is no accomplish­ment at all.

Mark off the shoulder lines, too, where the stock is to be trimmed above and below the tongue. It can be cut in several ways, among them the traditional approach of using sturdy mortising chisels and a mallet to chisel out the hole by hand.
Clamp the pieces together, and insert the dow­els, leaving them protruding from both sides of the joint. Another option is to use a Forstner or auger bit on your drill or drill brace to start the mortise, then clean and square it with a chisel.

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