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Designer radiators woodford, how to make a wooden garage door in unturned,kity planer thicknesser manual. The rolling library ladder was provided by Custom Service Hardware, and it definitely makes the shelves. I (along with a lot of your readers I am guessing) truly felt your pain when you wrote about the doors. Those three panels beneath the window seat are placeholders until the ones that match the rest are ready, and we need a cushion for the bench top. Those pieces, along with the rest of the wood for the library, were stained with Minwax Wood Finish in Early American to match the home’s existing trim.
It doesn’t stick out too far into the room and I like the look of the ladder in the climbing position, but its rolling hardware gives us the option of storing it upright when not in use.
I agree with everyone else–they look great and truly look like they belong in the home. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
I was very pleased with myself for thinking 'outside the box' and for actually finding all the shelving for only $40 off my budget of $200! Now that I have the bottom 3 cabinets ready and in place I can start on putting the large top shelves together. Enter the email associated with your account and we will send you your username and a temporary password.

The Atkins double bookshelf from Restoration Hardware would fit well, size-wise and stylistically, but two of them would have come in at over $5000 with tax and delivery.
And in my opinion, you will be doing that beautiful house a great disservice if you do not add a rolling library ladder. I chose vertical roller brackets so that the ladder’s hardware could be supported by the vertical supports of the bookshelf, since the shelves are all adjustable. Oh my goodness, tit turned of so incredibly well that it looks as if it came with the home!
Brass would have been a better match to the existing metal finishes in the house, but I’m not a big fan of the hammered look so I went with bronze.
The options I liked though, with a style and quality that would fit the house, would have still been expensive, and wouldn’t actually add to the value of the home.
It is going to look amazing and with your personal touches it will look amazingly not stuffy ;)!! I’ve never actually been in a library that had one, so I think it would be so romantic.
We thought it would be in our home for a long time too, but with a downturn in my husband’s job we have been trying to sell it for 18 months.
Yeah, I have some concerns about the kids with the ladder, but they’re pretty good about respecting boundaries. Many blogs are all about doing things on a dime, and there’s a time and place for that.

It seems like so many design bloggers are only into bright white walls and mid century modern furniture–I love that you are keeping it traditional with this house (with your own twist). There will be cabinets with doors flanking either side of the window, and a window seat between with a piano hinge and dummy doors to match the others. With its wide proportions and clean lines, a pair would look fantastic, but they would have cost almost as much as the RH bookshelves, and they’re about five inches too wide for our space anyway. Their house has an open to the ceiling 2 story formal living room and the library is a mezzanine all the way around the upper level.
I remember it took him most of the spring and summer, with all the windows open during the summer to let the fumes from the varnish escape. Right now I have bookcases in the basement and I don’t see them all the time, which is sad.
He is the person whom the previous owners worked with to replace the clapboard on the exterior, restore the front entryway, shore up and rebuild the front porch, and more. This is so funny, I LOVE the idea of a ladder, BUT with 4 boys (ages 2,4,6, and 10) and a 12 year old girl, I just see children climbing up and down the ladder and doing dangerous stuff.

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