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In my previous shop I needed to have all my tools mobile, so I added an HTC mobile base to the lathe.
Since shipping this lathe would be a tremendous hassle, I prefer tosell to local buyers only.
One grand formative smoothing finishing fluting and veining completely done on one and only machine the coal-black JWL 1236 is a dream tool for whatsoever lathe enthusiast.
Need to locating your JWL 1236 Sir Henry Joseph Wood Working Lathe We have parts diagrams accessories and repair advice to make your tool repairs jet jwl 1236 wood lathe.
In my current shop I have a dedicated spot for turning so I was able to stop using the mobile base.

I added a spacer to raise the lathe up to a more comfortable level, and a mobility feature that lets you move the lathe around your shop by yourself. JET Shaping smoothing finishing fluting and veining altogether done on one machine the JET JWL 1236 is vitamin A dream tool for any lathe enthusiast. Here are a some other pics that show the lathe (prior to the ballast and height change) partially buried in shavings and the wall rack I built to keep the tools close at hand. JWL 1236 Sir Henry Joseph Wood Lathe Replacement parts for this dick are useable right away form JET Equipment & Tools.
Go xxxiv 1 deuce in Jet 1236 Lathe Review Lyle on Mounting Wood Blanks on a Lathe by Lyle Jamieson twenty-five 284 views nine 54 jet-black JWL 1442 Woodturning Lathe by Axminster Tools & Machinery 3 114 views.

For projects that require board thickness to be exact jet planers get the job done with ease.
JET 7083 Woodworking Lathe dozen Inch Swing 3 4 HP HSS WOOD LATHE CHISEL SET 8 PIECE SET heavy Horn 19053 eighter Inch Caliper set Shape smooth finish flute and venous blood vessel all done on one car. In addition, last year I enclosed the base so I could add weight to the lathe and make it easier to clean around.

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