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A: HVLP systems use large amounts of air delivered at low pressures at the air cap (10 psi or less) to reduce bounce-back and overspray, Jeff, so more finish ends up on your project instead of being wasted. Your best alternative for a compressor-driven HVLP is probably a gravity-feed gun like the one in the photo, above right. Most manufacturers of turbine-driven HVLP sprayers market a complete system to ensure compatibility of the components.
Shop-test of 10 HVLP Turbine SprayersFor more indepth information on finishing, visit the Finishing and Refinishing Techniques section within the WOOD Store.

Replacement parts can be hard to find, and worse, conversions only marginally improve an older gun. The manufacturer of the gun shown recommends a minimum of a 3-hp compressor with a 20-gallon tank. And even though the cup is under the gun like a conventional sprayer, some air is piped into the container to pressurize the contents. That's because turning up the pressure high enough to pull the finish out of the old gun's cup increases the delivery pressure, so you're back where you started.

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