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Only bookshelves the same height or one block higher than the enchantment table are counted when setting the maximum level the table can enchant. They have a nice little set of diagrams on the wiki that help explain the layout a bit better but it pretty much means the bookshelves must rest at the same level or one block above where the enchantment block is placed. Additionally, only bookshelves exactly two blocks away from the table are counted, not bookshelves directly adjacent, nor bookshelves further away.

It's important to note anything placed between a bookshelf and the enchanting table will prevent the bookshelf from contributing to the table's maximum level. Beyond 15 bookshelves there is no additional effect to adding more, so there is no need to build this entire structure since version 1.3.
With just 15 bookshelves in any of the valid positions you can achieve the maximum enchanting level which is 30.

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