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14.10.2013 admin
The tailstock and tool rest base slide easily on the bed (on my old Grizzly mini lathe those 2 pieces would hang up when moving across the bed).
A newly sharpened gouge and piece of soft wood is no test, but when I turned the switch on the thing started spinning, so that's something! Plus I've been playing around with applying different finishes while the projects are turning on the lathe, so I've put some stress on the motor -- sanding, pinching the projects to create friction and heat, etc. I have seen countless posts from people who have purchased this lathe and initial reactions are always very positive but I have yet to hear anything after they have used it for a couple of years..

As with my other lathes, I'll have to take a file and some sand paper to the tool rest itself. There's an HF store about 20 miles away so I didn't have to pay freight and wait for it to be delivered. I do want to upgrade because I want more power and capacity but that has nothing to do with this lathe. I am happy using my larger #34706 HF lathe, but if I ever wanted a smaller lathe to dedicate to projects like pens and bottle stoppers, this would be the one!

I was so happy with this lathe that I nabbed another 20% off coupon and bought a small HF drill press today ($129 on sale, less 20% and plus tax = $113). My little lathe has turned out hundreds of pens, many stoppers and several other small turnings.

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