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Needless to say the bedding for the blade has been milled on the skew, but then that seems to be a fashionable trend in planes these days. Well if ever you doubted the idea that a sharp edge is two thirds of the battle with hand tools, you’ll be suitably chastened I trust.
I dunno, you exert effort to review high class tools and you get called a loonie and your methods called into question. With a large concern like Groz, you can assume that much of the work is outsourced to various sub-contractors.

Paint’s missing in some places (just the odd spot here and there) while it’s presence is too great in others, especially the lever cap. The usual flattening the sole (with the blade in place but retracted, of course), a bit of work on the sides, some filing of the mouth and softening all the edges and also a little improvement to the bedding for the blade with the aid of some epoxy. First time I’ve tried that, and apart from the nervous tension of whether you’ve irretrievably adhered your blade to the plane for ever more, it was easier than I expected. You do need to have a reasonable understanding of how a block plane works and what you should reasonably expect it to do if you’re going to make this one work.

My only previous experious with block planes were the pretty crude and basic Stanley 220's, so you can imagine I got a land.

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