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Build all of Aschi's Plans without expensive wood working tools - basic tools required only!
First, buy plan 230 and build the Road Tractor, then expand it with this super value expander plan.
You must already have the plan #230 (just below) so you can build the truck front and chassis. Build a scale model of a 40 foot Grain Trailer as Semi-Trailer and Open End Bulk Trailer, either as a Semi or Dog Trailer.
When a 1930's vehicle broke down, this tough but quirky looking tow truck would save the day and take it back to the garage. Build as Semi-Trailer or Dog-Trailer - multi-plan - suits the "Scale Model Road Tractor" Plans. BIG in SCALE MODEL SERIES!┬áThis plan builds a 2-axle Dump Trailer and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration. The plan builds a US 28ft–Double and Australian B-Double Trailers and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration.

Aschi has created a Super detailed plan for a scale model of a heavy end-dump semitrailer, in the Classic Series. Complete plans for an English Prime mover, Ballast Tractor, Low Loader and Dolly and a free bonus plan for a Steam Traction Engine. This great value plan gives you the instructions to build the trailers only, you need to buy a road tractor plan to build the complete assembly (we have quite a few, see them all below).
Grab plan 230 and build a Road Tractor, then expand it with this plan to make a Logging Trailer for long logs and specialised back to sit on the truck. This is a superb model to build for the wall unit, as a special gift and is sturdy enough, to be enjoyed as toy for generations into the 2030's.
Through the giant forests of North America, Canada and in the mountains of Australia, big log trucks are moving long loads. This plan builds a 24ft Tipper Trailer and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration. Here is a fantastic free offer from Aschi, to show you how easy it is to make a wooden toy or scale model from scratch with one of our plans.

The plan is a Canadian Military Pattern flatbed truck, but you could research and build one with your own special choice of the myriad historical purposes.
This model is in 1:18 scale, yet it is easy to build like all toys and models from Aschi's Workshop. A Road tractor with triple drive train, a semi trailer towing two trailers with 6 axle each. This plan is great value, building a Pulp Wood Trailer and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration.
The plan is for the trailers only, you need to select the Prime Moverfrom the scale model plans, below on this page.

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