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Your hands are essentially an energy map of consciousness, with each finger having a quality that it represents and stimulates. The five elements of the body have a close relationship, with each finger representing a specific element. This allocation of planetary rulership to a line was done by considering its location and orientation of flow. Of the three phalanges present in a finger; the upper phalanges connect to inspirations that spark off new ideas, initiate new actions and projects.
In the diagram each finger is given a ruling planet, Mars, Venus and the Moon do not have a finger of their own. Through the centuries particular regions of the palm - called mounts - have been linked to the planets, so when a line passes through or towards a certain mount it partakes of this energy in its flow. In modern palmistry this underlying idea has become lost with the consequence that the planets have come to be ascribed to the fingers and known as the Apollo, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury fingers respectively, highlighting the gross inconsistency between the number of fingers and the seven traditional planets. There used to be a basic division into seven types of hands, which matched the seven planets known by the ancients. A very short pinky finger (the kind that only reaches half way through the middle phalanx of the ring finger) is indicative of someone frustrated, unable to express their talents and skills.
In order to ascribe meaning to the lines and thereby describe the consciousness of an individual, the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon - rulers of the Celestial World - are used. If the Elemental World describes the type of vehicle a person is born into, while the Celestial World describes the driver of the vehicle, then the Intellectual World of the fingers provides the knowledge, skills and understanding for the driver. The Water hand has a long palm and long fingers, which describes an imaginative and emotional individual with moody characteristics.
Below the Caelum Stellatum - 'the stars in the heavens' - the spiral leads down through the Celestial World indicated by the planets: Saturnus, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercuri and Luna.

Horizontal bar lines running across the phalanx obstructs the energy flow along the finger.
Placing a ring on the left hand aligns in to our bodies and our lives with the qualities associated with that particular finger. The Earth hand has a square palm and short fingers, and belongs to a practical and honest individual. For example a very long Virgo phalanx, the bottom segment of the ring finger, is associated with greed. Each world has its own rulers; The Intellectual World - or heaven - is ruled by angels and archangels, the Celestial World is ruled by the planets, and the Elemental World - or Mother Earth - is ruled by the elements.
With the Intellectual World symbolically connected to the fingers, the Christian prayer position can now be seen as particularly significant. Energy from the palmar lines can he seen to flow in the fingers; so that the energy from the Sun (Apollo) line flows into the ring finger, energy from the Saturn line flows into the middle finger, energy from the Jupiter (heart) line flows into the index finger and energy from the Mercury (health) line flows into the little finger, as in Figure 6 below.
For as the supplicant prays for knowledge, guidance, inspiration and illumination, their hands are clasped together in front of the heart with the fingers pointing upwards to the heavens - the source of knowledge. The Fire hand has a long palm and short fingers, which describes an energetic, restless person. In turn the hands are also connected to the planet Mercury, reflecting their importance for translating ideas into action.
In lieu of having a finger Mars was given two mounts on the palm – one is associated with moral courage and the other with physical courage (see diagram).
In addition there are twelve types of fingernails, which are associated with astrological signs and can be used as a tool in chart rectification.
In accordance with the connection of the Intellectual World with the fingers, the twelve signs of the zodiac are used to interpret them.

The wearing of a ring upon a particular finger is symbolically significant when seen in terms of the energy flowing through the finger. As a consequence, the cosmology and symbolism of the elements, planets and zodiacal signs are common to both disciplines and a number of astrologers in former times were also known to read hands.
The upper phalanx on the Water - or index - finger is ruled by Cancer and is traditionally connected to religious ideals, personal goals and intuition. The filth element Ether and the planet Mercury are both used to symbolise the vital force which, while sustaining the structure of the physical body, simultaneously constitutes the medium of emotional experience. Originally in cheiromancy all the planets were allocated to the palmar lines; however, only Saturn, Mars, Sun (Apollo) and Moon (Lunar) are found in palmistry today. This is illustrated when people suffer angina: a classic feature of the syndrome is the radiation of pain down the left arm to the hand, specifically to the ring finger. This allocation of signs to phalanges is generated by a cross-ply of the elements connected to each digit and the quality connected to the three phalangical levels: The index finger is ruled by the Water element, the middle finger by the Earth element, the ring finger by the Fire element and the little finger by the Air element.
The palm embodies the Elemental World, the lines encapsulate the Celestial World and the fingers reflect the intellectual World, as shownn in Figure 2 below.
The Air hand has a square palm with long fingers, which belongs to an intelligent, logical and systematic individual. The Latin name for this finger is annularis, from anulus meaning a ring, which also recalls the annular movement of the Earth around the Sun, giving rise to the further idea of the eternal bond when two souls are properly joined as one.

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