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I was recently blessed to meet Pam, a local talent with a passion for hand painting rustic, inspirational signs. I first tried to see if I could find some reclaimed wood and shockingly in a metropolitan city like Atlanta that really is not that easy. Find out how easy it is to make distressed wood signs customized with your favorite sayings. With a tip from the blog Our Adventures in Home Improvement, you can start with a regular piece of wood and make it look old and distressed using only steel wool and apple cider vinegar. With these two inexpensive projects, you’ll have custom barn wood signs that you will be proud to show off at your farm wedding! But, if you’re looking for something to guide you, then this is the tutorial for you, coming from Homespun Happenings. You create a document on the computer using the font and size you want for your sign (imagine the endless possibilities using different fonts!). I did talk to a few local DIY bloggers who had some tips like checking out the local ReStore, but I was under a time constraint and eventually just had to go to Home Depot and buy some wood. Since the fourth section was merely for examining the wood unmarked I just used one of the stains there. I then took a bottle of antique matte Mod Podge and covered the entire sign 3 times to seal it and tone down the white a little. This entry was posted in Art, Crafts, home decor, Roeshel's Projects, Thrifty Treasures and tagged DIY, DIY sign, home decor, Roeshel's Life, wood scraps by Roeshel.

Depending on the type of wood you are using {new or old}, you may way to paint, sand, or distress it to achieve the look you want.
Jimmy Poss, the owner, was so nice and helpful and also gave me a little history on some of the different woods.
One section I left completely alone, I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to distress the sign, so I wanted to see what it would like like untouched. For these signs, just the techniques are listed (using brown glaze on white paint, staining and sanding with glazing, dry brushing) without the specifics. Tape your Page{s} where you want them on the wood with the ink side facing down, and the blank side facing toward the ceiling. You can do like the tutorial and use a sharpie or use a paintbrush and paint to fill it in. It is very possible using the methods in the link above to heavily distress the wood, I chose however to just beat it up a little and not make it look completely weathered. If you would like to see more transfers using your printer, be sure to check out my DIY Wood Wedding Signs and DIY French Cottage Tray. I just love, love, love this sign … the wood, the font, the phrase … love it all! This gave me three pieces for my sign and an extra to test stains and distressing methods on. Afterwards I cut each letter out of vinyl (using contact paper to keep from distorting the shape) and laid it separately on the sign and measured everything multiple times to make sure it was all lined up perfectly and spaced well.

I’ve been working on details to help out with a family reunion for Saturday so I won’t be around but hope to see you Sunday at the DIY Project Parade! Using the nails and screws I scratched the surface and nail the nails into the wood and then pulled them back out leaving small holes. Add your names, or signs pointing you in the direction of your barn wedding along the highway, your favorite places you’ve been, or whatever you dream up! I had to head over to the hardware aisle and find some wood screws that would fit in the bracket holes, but not be too long for the 1″ board. Thanks for stopping by and if you decide to make a sign I would love to see it when you’re finished! Because she was using paint and not staining the sign she was able to use the letters themselves instead of making a stencil, this seems like it would be much easier! I know most girls get excited over shoes, purses or makeup, but I get excited over chippy reclaimed wood, old shutters and stair spindles, haha. I suggest placing rectangles around your letters (see screen shot below) if at all possible, this may use more vinyl, but it will make it easier to line up your letters on the sign. And no old barn wood is even required – you can start with a brand new piece of lumber from your local hardware store!

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