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It was around this time that I first stumbled across a website where someone had built their own CNC router.
Compared with buying a commercial CNC mill or router it is relatively cheap to build your own.
The majority of this CNC mill is constructed using T-slot aluminum extrusions, specifically 8020 10 series. I tried to stick with my plan as much as possible, but ran into a few problems along the way. The lead screw transfers the rotational motion from the motor into a linear motion that can be used in a CNC machine.
A little deflection is from the mass is expected and fine in a pick a place environment but not so much in a milling environment.
Great place to pick up aluminium flat stock, blocks, and bigass sheets for stupidly cheap, too!

This is a good size desktop cnc but bigger is better so if I could I would get longer x-axis linear rails. T-nuts slide into the grooves in the aluminum extrusion and make a secure connection when tightened.
I’ve had similar parts for a CNC sitting in a corner of my living room for the past 3-4 years.
I finally installed my 2.2kw watered cooled spindle and this is a test cut on 6061 aluminum. I went through several ideas on how to build the structure of the CNC router before finally settling on a design.
For CNC routers and mills, these knobs (lead screws and linear slides in this case) control the position of a tool that can cut out just about any shape you can imagine. Premade slides can be extremely pricey, and DIY ones can be difficult to align properly (and also pricey, but not as bad as premade ones).

So far, this has held up well, but I anticipate they will come lose eventually and I may need to add a set screw to help hold the nuts in place.
You can buy premade plates from 8020 in a variety of configurations, but they cost $10+ for a single plate. It has a Pentium III processor and 512 MB of ram, hardly a modern computer, but plenty fast to use as a CNC controller.
This makes them a good solution for CNC machines as a computer can instruct a motor to make a certain number of revolutions that would correspond to a certain linear distance along the axis.

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