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As expert custom computer builders, R-Computer strives to offer our customers the best array of custom component choices available today. Unlike big box and online retailers who lure buyers with flashy gimmicks on low quality computers and second-rate components, iNET PC delivers no-nonsense custom computers, which are built to last. Four other 1 TB drives are in a Directly Attached Storage cabinet with built in Raid backup = if a drive fails, it will immediately recover all the data.
Maybe you’re looking for an affordable, customized, high-performance computing system as distinctive as your company.

Replace your malfunctioning laptop or desktop with a dependable iNET PC custom computer and watch it speed through new software!
INET PC’s Milwaukee computer store custom builds desktops and laptops with only premium, high-performance parts. Our computers are smart, cost effective investments.Whether you want to edit pictures and videos or design space shuttles for NASA, iNET PC will build the perfect computer customized to suit your unique technology needs. Our customers receive an outstanding 1 year warranty on custom laptops and a 3 year warranty on custom desktops.

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