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Basic Woodworking Tools for Built-ins - Choosing the Right Tool for Your Built-in Project - Built-ins, Shelves & Bookcases. A 12-foot steel tape measure is handy for making large measurements accurately and conveniently. Even if you have become an expert at woodworking and use woodworking power tools in all your projects, it is highly recommended that you do not entirely give up using hand tools. You won't need all of them to begin woodworking, but you will find all of them useful by the time you've completed several projects.

Woodworking hand tools can allow you to achieve the same amount of finesse, as you get with power tools. A framing square is handy for checking right angles and laying out 90-degree lines; choose one that has the gradations stamped into the metal, rather than simply painted on.
Look for saws with solid wood handles, which are more comfortable and sturdy than hollow plastic ones. Force is applied on the rubber end, either by one’s hands or by using a mallet to strike it.

Power saws are also available, but they may harder to handle for a beginner, so it is best to opt for a hand saw.
They come in different sizes and types.The above mentioned tools are all must-haves for amateur woodworkers, as well as, professionals.

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