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Average Carpenter Cabinet Maker salaries for job postings in Stillwater, MN are 10% lower than average Carpenter Cabinet Maker salaries for job postings nationwide.
Carpenter Carpentry Business Owner Regular Job Woodworking Cabinet Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. As a carpenter, you construct, erect, install, maintain and repair structures and components of structures made of wood, wood substitutes, lightweight steel and other materials. As a cabinetmaker, you use a variety of woods and laminates to construct and repair wooden cabinets, furniture, fixtures and related products. As a carpenter and cabinetmaker, you are able to work well with your hands, you must be physically fit and and have good hand-eye coordination.
Cabinetmakers work indoors in factories or woodworking shops; these are usually dusty and noisy and expose workers to wood finishing products and glues that may contain dangerous chemicals and fumes.

The Construction Sector Council predicts the job outlook for carpenters will be balanced to good over the next 9 years.
In British Columbia, trade certification for carpenters and cabinetmakers is available, but not mandatory. To obtain a Certificate of Qualification as a carpenter or cabinetmaker, you also write the Interprovincial Exam to qualify for the Interprovincial Standards’ Red Seal. Jobs are advertised in a variety of sources including newspapers, magazines and online job sites. You can use company directories to produce lists of employers who employ carpenters and cabinetmakers in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland. Carpenters can move into supervisory positions, such as foreman or construction superintendent.

Cabinetmakers also need a good eye for selecting and putting together materials for a visually pleasing end-product.
Carpenters must take appropriate safety precautions when lifting materials, working from heights and working with equipment and tools. Networking, working as a volunteer or registering with a temporary employment agency are good ways of helping you find jobs and meet people in your industry. Full-time cabinetmakers usually receive benefits such as paid sick days, vacation time, and dental coverage.

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