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21.09.2015 admin
I'd love to have built-in bookcases on either side, but they'd have to protrude past the fireplace. Providing Northern Virginia Homes with custom built in fireplace cabinets, bookcases, entertainment centers and more, for 15 years.
The weather is starting to warm up here, but it’s still chilly enough that there are days when I wish we had a fireplace to curl up next to (instead of the faux fire we have). The next thing to come off was the large hearth, this is the portion of rock that projects out front of the fireplace. Once we got all of the rock down and cleaned up Jamie started on the built in entertainment center. He started by building the cabinet boxes on each side of the fireplace and then built the face frames to size to fill in the left over area.
We created the mantel above the fireplace by stacking two pieces of crown molding on top of one another other.

The living room is massive and we wanted to add a big statement when people walked into the room.  We thought a fireplace and bookshelves on the back wall would eat up some of the empty space in the room and create a more intimate feeling.
Starting with the fireplace, we decided on white cararra marble to go with the white mantle we picked out. First, we took out a small portion of the hardwood in order to set the marble hearth level with the floor and make the fireplace feel more custom-built. Combine that with our love for built-ins, and you’ll see why we are so excited to feature this lovely fireplace makeover (that we found at one of our weekend link parties, you should come join!).
I am Morgan here with my husband Jamie and we are BEYOND thrilled to be here at Remodelaholic sharing our built-in entertainment center with all of you!! I decided on a natural slate with multiple depths and colors to break up the all white built-in and give it some character. Buying them was a little more expensive as oppose to building them, however, the time saved was worth the cost.

Another option may be to recess the bookcases into the wall then they will not stick out as much. We are moving to a new house and the fireplace will need some sort of update at some point so this is some great inspiration. If you notice the hole above the fireplace it is a PVC tube with two elbows that run into the cabinet.
We had to be careful around the fireplace to not break the glass because we weren’t planning on replacing the actual fireplace itself.

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