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Top Tip: After building the wooden mailbox, you need to set the posts into concrete, as to support it properly.
You could also add a decorative cap to the wooden post, if you want to add value to your project and to make it unique.
After plumbing the post with a spirit level, we recommend you to brace it with support on two perpendicular directions. Building a wooden mail box is a straight forward outdoor project, but you need to pay attention when choosing the plans and the design for your project. Locking the posts into place is not difficult, especially if you follow these instructions.
Building the actual mail box is not difficult, but there are many design options you can choose from. Choose a cap that fits the design of your yard and house and lock it to the post with waterproof glue. Therefore, dig a 24″ deep hole into the ground, fit a tube form and set the post into place.

Therefore, fill the holes and the cracks with wood filler and let it dry out for several hours, before sanding the surface with 120-grit sandpaper. We strongly recommend you to check out the rest of the project, about building the wooden mailbox.
Building a wooden mail box is a straight forward project, if you plan everything from the very beginning and choose the best materials for your budget. Moreover, you need to adjust the size and the design of the mail box to fit your needs and to match the style of your backyard. Align all the components at both ends and drill pilot holes before inserting the screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. As you can see in the image, you have to cut the wooden posts at the required size (make sure you add 24″) and assemble the support in a professional manner.
After choosing the location for the mail box, we recommend you to dig a 2′ hole in the ground and to set the post with temporary braces. Build the frame of the wood mail box from 1×8 lumber, using the information shown in the free plans.
Fill the holes and irregularities with putty and let it dry for several hours, before sanding the surface with 120-grit sandpaper along the wood grain and clean the residues with a dry cloth.

If you’re not going to cement the post in the ground, it should be more than 1’, closer to 3’. This design involves having the post being slightly taller than the board that the box is resting on.
You can screw them to where the post meets the board the box is resting on at a 90 degree angle to break up the overall plain appearance.
From our experience, we recommend you to choose a design that matches the style of your backyard, as well as the one of the wooden mailbox. Fit a cap to the wooden post and a beautiful decorative brace, if you want to enhance the look of the wooden post.
There should also be an approximate one foot board that goes the opposite direct of the board that the mailbox is resting on to improve appearance.

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