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The arch in this article was built from rough-sawn cedar, but it can also be built from pressure-treated lumber for about half the cost. A wrong hanging garden gate not only looks unattractive, but could damage the rest of the fence, by the weight of the pole to pull them down.
You can choose any fence and gate design, but here we present as a simple blueprint for a wooden garden gate. Custom Designed Shed Plan Package The Complete Shed Plan & WoodWorking Guides Set, by ADV Plans, LLC.
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With our garden arbor directions and building plan, create a shady mini retreat in your backyard. This easy-to-build entry gate makes your side yard look inviting and extends your home's curb appeal. Safety is paramount, so before you begin building your fence, you are required to locate underground utilities.

With the holes drilled to your building code's recommended depth - plus 4" for gravel - re-string the guide line and set a post in each hole; stand them up straight using a post level, and align the posts with the string, checking the 6" offset.
To lay out the arched arbor top, mark the arc end points and arc center points where shown and drive a screw at each end point. For the fence sections, we'll start by measuring the distance between the posts (near the ground) and then we'll build the fence in sections on a workbench. After marking the fence rails for the final length, remove the gate assembly from the post and trim the rails to length so they're flush with the edges of the outside pickets. In addition, we have many styles available in arbor kits, including garden arches and pergola arbors.
We use only top quality materials in our bridges, such as Red Cedar, Red Oak, Redwood, Cyprus and other exotic woods.
Cut the gate rails (M) 7" longer than the distance between the arbor post, and temporarily secure to the post where shown. Lay out the arch points, use a thin piece of trim as a fairing stick, and bend the stick to mark the layout lines.

Attach the hinges to the gate panel using the screws provided and secure to the arbor post.
To provide additional protection of the treated wood, allow the material to dry for about two months before applying a deck or fence stain. You will also need to contact your local building department to learn about permits and call your homeowner's association to verify local requirements.
A 2"x4" placed under the gate will help prop it off the ground for clearance as the gate swings.

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