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Instead of buying an upscale wine rack, this blogger made her own at a fraction of the cost. When Rachelle, blogger from Adventures in Creating, saw a modern (and pricey!) wine rack for sale, it was love at first sight. I used the plastic cutting bit of my Dremel to cut the pipe down further to 6″ lengths, 6 of each size. After that I arranged my pipes in the pattern I wanted, looking at the original picture as a guide. If you have an awkward space between walls in your home or a spot you'd like a wine rack but can't find something that fits, consider making your own out of some simple, affordable PVC pipe.
You'll want to make sure you get PVC pipe that's safe to use, like the type already used in your plumbing, and you'll want to get a size large enough to fit the wine bottles you have at home.
If everything looks good, the tutorial suggests fixing the pieces together and to the sides and base of the space you're fitting your rack into with velcro. So, it’s Wine Wednesday here at Brit HQ (and tomorrow is Wine Thursday, followed by Wine Friday, and so on). And when she realized she could make her own strikingly similar DIY wine rack using PVC pipe, well, the rest was history.
I used a white Rustoleum spray paint to cover any of the original markings on the PVC pipe and to disguise the screws. Whether you have a dedicated bar area in your home or you are still planning to create one, I bet you will find creative inspirations from these DIY wine racks. That way pulling out a wine bottle doesn't make the whole thing collapse, and since they're all painted evenly and cut the same, it'll look good in whatever space you slide the rack into.

To celebrate we’re rounding up some of our favorite wine racks that you can buy or DIY. Reclaimed Wine Rack Set ($138): Made from recycled shipping palettes, these unique racks not only hold your favorite bottles, they also have space to store your glasses below. Stacked Wine Storage ($30): This geometric wine rack can either be hung on the wall or stacked on a shelf. PVC Wine Bottle Holder: Take a trip to the plumbing aisle of your local hardware store to create this geometric wine rack. 6 Bottle Wave Wine Rack ($70): This gravity defying wine rack holds your six favorite bottles (or at least the ones you plant to drink next) in a wave-like arc on your counter or bookshelf. Bali 12-Bottle Wine Rack ($60): If you want something with a bit more color and movement, we recommend this wave inspired wine rack in a bright lacquered red.
DIY Roof Tile Wine Rack: Who would have thought terra cotta roofing tiles could be turned into such a creative wine rack when combined with an old dresser. Wine Enthusiast Urban Wall Wine Rack Display ($50): Keep those corks wet by storing your vino on its side. Lacquer Wine Rack ($39): If you want a minimalist storage solution, this white 6-bottle unit is your best bet. Plumbing Pipe Wine Rack: Go for an art installation look wit this wall-mounted, DIY wine rack made from plumbing pipes and flanges. Bottle Riddler ($50-$100): Designed to mimic the traditional riddler racks used in making Champagne, these wooden slat racks add a touch of weathered charm to your home.
Jakob Wagner Wall-Mounted Wine Rack ($59): The brilliance of this design is that the holders are adjustable and can hold regular wine bottles, slim-necked dessert wines, or even champagne bottles.

DIY A-Frame Wine Rack: Plywood, hinges, and bright cord are all it takes to make this simple folding wine rack. Under Cabinet Chrome Wine Rack ($32): If space is at a premium make use of the area under your cabinets.
Using her handy power tools and a heavy dose of ingenuity, she elevated the simple PVC pipe to an accent piece worth showcasing in any modern home. You can have them cut it down to the length you need so you won’t have to buy a big giant long pipe. Martha organized hers in 3 layers but you can also make one with the pipes stacked on top of each other.
If you don't care for the PVC route, you could also use an old planter, mailing tubes, or even an old IKEA bed. Simply bore holes big enough for the bottle necks at an angle, and you have a rack that’s ready to hang.
We love that this wine rack stores almost a full case and makes great use of vertical space in a small apartment or home.
Those triangular FedEx boxes made for shipping golf clubs or other long, skinny items are shockingly perfect for wine storage as well.

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