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This setup is so easy that even if you’re not DIY inclined, you could make a treadmill desk, too. Since installing the treadmill desk at the end of December, I’ve been working and walking, on average, 60 extra minutes a day. I don’t have a treadmill, but I figured out a DIY standing desk by setting aside an area on a high countertop to work. If I ever find a used treadmill cheap, I’ll definitely follow up on your idea, though! I hope that answers a lot of questions and gives everyone a pretty good DIY treadmill desk update.  Thanks to everyone who stops by to check out this site and I hope you find the healthy working solution for your specific circumstance! After one year of sitting for more than six hours a day the long-term effects start to subtly emerge.  These can include weight gain, high cholesterol, vision issues and in woman a 1% loss of bone mass each year. As always, thanks for stopping by to take a look.  A share via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is always appreciated. After reading that article, I immediately started trying to stand more, to get up from the computer at regular intervals and walk around the house, and to exercise in front of the TV rather than sit in the recliner.
When shopping for a treadmill, I looked for one that had level arms that could hold a board across them without sloping, and this concern ruled out a lot of treadmills. After the treadmill arrived (in a HUGE package and weighing over 300 pounds) and my husband and I managed to wrangle it into place in our bedroom, I spent the evening putting it together and then the next few days getting used to it. Figuring out how to secure the board to the treadmill was the toughest part of making the desk. I’m enjoying my treadmill desk, though it will take some practice to actually write anything significant while walking on it. This post contains Amazon affiliate links, including a link to a treadmill I purchased myself. This is a very ingenious idea Susan; I just got a treadmill from a friend that we were going to sell but perhaps I should keep it and try this out.
Susan, I was excited to see this, as I’ve been doing the same thing for 2 or 3 years now. Thanks for sharing this, and I encourage your readers to give this a try; it works fantastically well!
By the way, for people who forget to get up occasionally while sitting, I think there’s an app for that. It looks great!i work at a desk all day too so when I ‘m on conference calls I use a wireless headset so I can stand up and walk around.
But I really responded to say, Forget typing, use voice recognition software to blog or respond to email while you walk.
I have put together a special report that I am offering for a limited time for free with no obligations (not even your contact details!). I carefully tested and reviewed each of the most popular models and manufacturers of treadmill desks before making my decision to purchase. Well-placed Control Console:The control console is a nice small bar placed slightly underneath the desk for easy convenient access to change speeds or look at your stats.
OVERALL ASSESSMENT: Easily the best option out there for both the dollar value you get and the features included.
Cupholders – these are necessary because the desk itself is so wobbly you will spill your morning cup of coffee all of your laptop.

Desk space - the desk space is actually larger than the Lifespan Fitness Treadmill desk which is nice. The Exerpeutic 990 Workstation Treadmill Desk is the low end entry in the treadmill desk world.
2 cup holders – perfect for holding your coffee while the whole contraption shakes back and forth several inches at the top as you walk. Inclines: Unlike most treadmill desks this one actually has different levels of incline which is a great feature. For those of you who are adventurous you can create a do it yourself treadmill desk by hacking an Ikea desk up and installing it over the top of an existing treadmill.
We accomplished this by taking a board that is 16 inches deep and 32.5 inches wide, and clamping it to the handles of the treadmill. It’s like being able to spread out on a regular desk, albeit one that is suspended above the treadmill on which I am walking. There are some days that I end up walking for two hours, though I have to do that in two bursts.
I’ll hop off for a bathroom break, to refill my water bottle, or to answer the phone. Bordley cringe as the Fox News anchor fires up the treadmill for a full out run.  Hopefully the average viewer could see that the lawyer fully understood what was going on. Walking and working on a treadmill desk isn’t really about weight loss, it is about getting up out of the office chair and moving.
But, I found that these machines are simultaneously more expensive than regular treadmills and less powerful. After much shopping and review reading, I finally settled on the Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill*. I put the board under the treadmill arms, lined it up against the edge of the console, and used a pencil to trace around the handlebars. For now, I’m content to manage my email, update my Facebook page, and read articles as I walk about 2 miles per hour. The Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill only works as a treadmill desk if you have a very small laptop. When I had a sedentary job over a year ago, I thought about putting a treadmill under my desk. I just use a timer set for 20 minutes to make sure I get up and do some upright work for every 20 minutes of sitting. However i really wish they invented treadmills and spinning bikes that you could use to generate enough electricity to run your laptop on! I had the same problem for the last year since there was no good treadmill desk reviews online, so I’ve decided to give back to the world a little bit and write my own thorough treadmill desk review here to share all of my hard earned knowledge. Lifespan Fitness has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of commercial treadmills for gyms.
You can pause the treadmill and go do other things and thing come back and resume it so you can keep track of your total time & distance for the day. I saw a number of different pictures from people who did Do-It-Yourself Ikea Treadmill desks and most looked pretty scary to build to me.
I know that this sitting isn’t good for my health, especially since studies have shown that people who sit a lot tend to die younger.

In fact, one office that installed walking desks or treadmill desks discovered that its employees lost a whopping 150 pounds without changing anything else about their lifestyle.
My husband told me not long ago that there’s a new trend of desks that are positioned so that users stand while using their computers, etc. But it also had to be easy to unfasten so that I could take the desk off when I wanted a full workout. I swear by my little treadmill desk, which is a lot more makeshift than yours (basically a bulletin board fastened to a crappy treadmill) but it has served me in good stead for quite a long time. It might sound like a lot but it’s surprising how it adds up, especially when I can do a lot of my grunt work (like Facebook, answering e-mails) on the treadmill at about the same pace you do — 2 miles an hour. So now I will at least be standing while doing the countless number of things that I have to do on the computer. On days when I keep walking, I’ll walk the initial 100 minutes, and then restart the treadmill and go for another 20 minutes or so. I wanted to be able to use my treadmill for regular workouts as well as for a desk, so I decided to buy a regular treadmill and make my own removeable desktop. The arms were a little short but long enough to hold the 12-inch wide board I planned to use as a desk top. The 12-inch deep by 36-inch wide board fit across the arms of the treadmill perfectly, except for one problem–the handlebars that hold the heart rate sensors jutted out, keeping the board from fitting close enough to the console. Now the board rested perfectly on the arms and just needed to be fastened to the treadmill. And when I want to really workout, I remove the desktop and do one of the many programed workouts that has me climbing fake hills and burning real calories. The other day I realized between walking and yoga I’m exercising two hours a day, which is pretty darn good for someone like me. A treadmill desk may be a step too far for me; I just try to get off the old posterior whenever possible.
What is sometimes challenging, however, is hand writing anything, which is why I tend to stick with the computer work. Usually those experiences are in the kitchen, but this one time I wrote about something besides nutritious eating that I am doing for my health. Basically the idea is that you buy this desk and set it over the top of your existing treadmill. Even if you had to turn off the treadmill part while you’re typing, you’d still be better off than using a traditional desk! They take just seconds to clasp and unclasp, making the desktop easy to remove whenever I want to workout rather than work.
When you compare the TrekDesk Treadmill desk versus Lifespan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR1200, the Trek Desk comes up severely lacking.

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