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Boxwood are like that-- mainstays, dependable, not the showiest in the yard, but incredibly useful for anchoring planting beds. Potted boxwood keep company with white impatiens, strawberries & parsley in a courtyard garden. For gardeners in frigid growing zones, extra winter protection will be needed to ensure the container is frost-proof. When the sun heats up the oil in their leaves (usually in summer), boxwood give off a distinct perfume.
HERE is an article about winter care of boxwood in a very cold climate (zone 4) that is very interesting & instructive. Two potted boxwood stand sentinel at the stairway to this semi-formal garden designed by Claire Mee. The boxwoods were balled and burlapped so once I got them into the  dirt, I cut away the twine that had held the burlap, as well as the burlap from around the very top. Although, I wouldn’t want to put anything in that would create a lot of competition for the boxwood. The boxwood are currently the star of the show, and it's at this frigid time of year that I thank my lucky stars that I inherited dozens of them from a previous owner.

Once a boxwood has outgrown its container, it can be replanted in a larger pot or planted in-ground. Water well by hand until water drains from the bottom of the container, and don't forget to water as needed in winter too. Wrapping containers in layers of bubble wrap & burlap can help, or better yet, move it to an unheated garage where the pot will be free of frost until winter's worst is over.
In the fall when most people are potting up cool weather annuals, boxwood can be picked up for as little as $3-$5 for 1-2 qt.
The boxwood are what almost single-handedly keep the front landscape presentable from the street view even in the most inhospitable weather.
Here are just a few of her reasons. Why Boxwoods are Perfect for Pots Boxwoods in pots are living sculptures. One of the things I really liked about this boxwood is it retains it’s color through winter, without a lot of bronzing. Your boxwoods are gorgeous and the flowers make them look like they have been there for quite a while. When visiting, my mom used to comment that she was sure a cat was doing its dirty work in the flower beds outside my front door, until I realized that she was smelling the boxwood.

These evergreen shrubs combine rich green foliage with a dense, rounded, formal shape that changes little over time. I hope so since it would be a pain to dig the boxwoods back out and dump all the dirt out to make them larger. Here in our most frigid and PLUTO-esque world of Minneapolis, my Green Velvet boxwoods have survived -40 temps. Despite considering myself to have a sensitive nose, I don't find the scent obnoxious or overpowering. Every year, they bring me so much joy, watching those new neon green leaves take over the garden.
Leaving space at the top keeps water from spilling out.Hand-water each boxwood so that water runs from the drainage hole.

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