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An intricate bloom flourishes like a natural crown, complementing the peaceful expression of this mask. I purchased your ""Smile Up"" mask as a gift for a friend, and I think I may have to buy one for myself! After several days of helpful orientation sessions to Balinese culture, language and customs by the Dell'Arte faculty, I was ready to begin my formal instruction in mask carving.
Looking at the many elaborate masks that hung on the walls of his studio I selected one with simple facial features. We next placed the mask-to-be on a wood block about 15" in diameter and about 3" thick on one edge and 4" on the other.
Besides the timpas, we received a wooden mallet, six flat chisels, and seven round-edged gouges as part of our carving set. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of carving was learning how to hold the wood securely in place while one hand wields the pongotok and the other manipulates the chisel or gouge. An interesting note about the use of feet in mask carving is that Balinese cosmology reveres the head as the purist part of the body, while the feet are considered polluted or unclean. Before the facial features are cleaned with knives, the mask should be hollowed to fit the wearer's face.
Several knives are used to clean wood from behind the eye and nose, smooth the features of the mask and carve fine details. Utilizing the alluring clarity and soothing movements of hibiscus wood, Nyoman Naranata carves a spectacular vision of Balinese enchantment. We began by tracing the outline of the mask I was to copy onto a piece of paper; cutting out the pattern after folding it along the centerline to make sure it was symmetrical (fig. The back of the mask is oriented towards the harder heartwood so the facial features can be carved into the softer sapwood.
Ketut and his apprentices were extremely flexible and their facile, almost prehensile, feet and toes allowed them to grip and rotate the mask quickly and efficiently. Then to open the last paper to see the extraordinary beauty of the hibiscus wood carved so skilfully and in beautiful design - my heart skipped a beat! When I wear the mask, the artistic legacy of Bali will imbue the character with enhanced respect and integrity.
Less than four months after terrorist bombs killed 202 tourists and natives in Bali, I arrived on the island to study mask (topeng) carving as part of Dell'Arte International's Study Abroad program.

I entered a winding alleyway leading to the family compound of my Balinese mask carving teacher I. Facilitated by Dell'Arte faculty member and mask maker, Newman (he uses only one name) Ketut began to teach us to carve. Giving me the mask and timpas, Ketut indicated it was my turn to copy these cuts on the other side of the mask. On one side of the mask Ketut demonstrated how to use the larger pahat to slope the forehead, cheeks and chin down to the sides and back of the mask.
In Western carving tradition we secure our wood to a worktable, but I've since discovered that this method doesn't allow the quick repositioning of the mask to facilitate the carving strokes or to check the balance and symmetry of the mask.
With each piece I carved I became more aware of how important it was to continually rotate the mask and start the cut from an appropriate angle depending on the desired effect. Once the mask is sufficiently hollowed the eye and nose holes are cut through to the back of the mask. The pamutik are used to clean the flat and convex surfaces and make straight incised cuts into the wood.
When I was just an elementary student, the art of woodcarving was imprinted on my everyday life. Pulai is a straight, fine-grained, cream-colored wood, which is carved while still green and soft. 4) More axe heads were driven into this cut creating a split into which a thicker wedge of wood was driven to completely split the block.
While the other students and I could hold the mask between our feet for short periods we could never hold it as securely or rotate it as easily as the Balinese carvers. The pahat are typically used with the beveled edge up while the pengacap alternated as we cut either convex or concave gouges into the wood. A favorite wood for mask carving is pulai, pronounced "poo ley" (Alstonia Scholaris Apocynaceae). The pulai wood is still soft and wet when the carving is complete so the mask is allowed to dry for several days before being sanded.
Therefore since the feet touch the wood in the carving process, it is necessary upon its completion for a priest to ritually purify the mask before it may be worn for any religious ceremonial performance.
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I am a dance choreographer and teacher, and will be using the mask in a new work I am creating. Although this article is principally about carving I should briefly mention the meticulous painting and decoration that these masks undergo once the carving is complete.
Ketut and Newman became friends and Newman began to use Ketut's studio to work on his own carving. All Sad Face Mask Wood Sculpture Statue Hand Carved discount code and special offers and some our suggestions in this time. Naranta's masks, and I can only say that the great pictures provided on the Internet don't fully do justice to these works of art. The cut log was then measured so it could be split into three individual blocks each of which would become a mask (fig. These masks are further decorated with mother of pearl for teeth, goat and monkey fur for mustaches, eyebrows and beards, braided horse manes for hair, and gold leaf and jewelry findings to indicate royalty. Some promotions and coupon below can make fall price on this Sad Face Mask Wood Sculpture Statue Hand Carved that will help you save much money. This was in the early days of Balinese tourism and woodcarving was not yet a major profession. Ketut Molog is a 43-year-old master carver from the village of Mas, which is known throughout Bali for its many fine woodcarving studios (fig. Closed eyes accentuate the harmonious mood, each detail smooth in its fascination.Hibiscus wood exhibits colors ranging from white to light gray, dark gray or even black heartwood. With experience Ketut developed a sense for which woods were appropriate for carving masks and began to see qualities inherent in each piece of wood that he could coax out for the mask. With Sad Face Mask Wood Sculpture Statue Hand Carved coupons are best ways to buy this Sad Face Mask Wood Sculpture Statue Hand Carved cheapest price.

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