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Students design and build truss bridges, then test the strength of the bridge by attaching a scale.
New bridges had to be built as quickly as possible because whole communities were cut off from friends, families and their places of work. Designing your own bridge and making it from paper roll tubes is great fun and the bridges are incredibly strong yet weigh very little! This aluminium strip girder bridge was tested and held an amazing 29 house bricks - considerably more than the weight of the bridge itself!

A journey which took 5 minutes across the bridge now took hours of traveling by car, bus or train to go all the way round by another route.
It is called a Bailey Bridge and was designed for use in the Second World War to replace bridges quickly which had been bombed and destroyed in battles. The challenge involves finding out how a bridge works then deciding which type of bridge might suit a particular need or set of conditions. They go on to find out why there are so many different bridge designs and then produce a new concept bridge.

Students then build various bridges and test the strength as well as come up with new concept bridge designs like the Gateshead Millenium bridge over the River Tyne.

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