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If there is still a wobble, you can corner brace the legs with either metal 90 degree corners or a piece of wood cut at an angle (check out the underside of a table to see how corners are braced). Whenever I help friends build, I like to be the cheerleader and board-holder while they do all the real work.
I have four 2x6s (72") that I would like to use for this table top, but wondered how the project would change.
I just built this table but when I showed it to my neighbor and father-in-law, they were concerned that the legs would eventually buckle when moved, dragged toward the ends.

I think I should apply for My Strange Addiction for my building habit Nurse Friend Sam (who I helped build this flip-top coffee table while we were both preggo) called me up and told me that she’d bought all the lumber to build the Modern Farmhouse Table and two benches.
Of course I had to pack up the kiddo so they could have a playdate while the mamas did a little fun stuff of their own! Her sweet husband even did all the sanding for her, which is really impressive because everybody knows that’s the worst step Her new dining set looks fantastic, and she couldn’t be prouder! Now her little boy gets to grow up climbing all over a 100% real wood solid-as-a-rock table instead of a flimsy old particle board concoction, and know that his mama built it.

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