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United Assemblers Network Certification Test (UANCT)

This test is set up as a pass/fail.

There are one hundred (100) Questions. You will need to get a passable percentage of those questions right for you to be directed to the application page to receive your certification. If you miss more than 10 questions, you will be directed to a page letting you know you did not pass requiring you to take the test over again.

After you pass the UANCT... you will be directed to a page where you will be able to also select the type of membership you are interested in and they are "listed and "non-listed".

Listed Membership

The UAN has a small monthly fee of only $10 a month right now. There is also an annual fee of $120 that will be waived for the new members first year.

There is a BIG reason for a monthly fee... many online directories managed by online dealers or manufacturers are really not managed at all... how can they be managed if anyone and everyone can list? AND... how can they have professional that have no proof they are who they say they are? 

Unless a directory has accountability, anyone or even everyone can be listed and that is the way all other directories are created. HOWEVER, WE DO NOT LIST JUST ANYONE IN THE UAN DIRECTORY!!!

By creating the listing system used by the United Assemblers Network and also by having a certification test before anyone can get listed... The directory is not only managed with fresh "professional technicians" who pay their monthly fees... it is also populated by "certified technicians". 

If you are or want to be a "PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIAN", you don't want to be listed with any person "calling" them selves a professional.

Hopefully, the fees make sense to you now.

Non-Listed Membership

Yes, there are advantages...

  • Proof to National Assembly Companies" (NAC's) that you are worth premium compensation.

  • Confidence builder in your own abilities.

  • You will be on our recruiting list for NAC's that we know treat you as the professional you are.

  • On going educational opportunities.

  • Ability to list in our directory any time you want.

  • Discounted fees for webinars and publications.

There is nothing wrong with contracting with any NAC; but, don't you want to do it with the confidence knowing what you are worth?


This test is not timed... however, it is also not a test you can stop and come back to. 
So start the test when you have time to take it and finish in one sitting. The test should only take about 30 to 45 minutes

Also... we know it can get frustrating when someone doesn't pass. So as you take the test make sure you answer either with knowledge or by taking the time to look questions up on the Internet or by using the book "Beyond the Instructions".


To start the UANCT now... Click here!




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