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1. TUI- UK'S Biggest Holiday Company 
1.1. Company History
1.2. TUI UK - Travel Website You Can't Miss For the Best Deals
1.3. TUI UK Discounts and Promotions
1.4. How does TUI UK compare to other travel operators?
1.5. TUI New Customer Service Approach
1.6. Latest Technologies Helping to Predict your Holiday
1.7. TUI Key Facts & Figures
1.7.1. TUI
1.7.2. TUI Airways
1.8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
1.8.1. How can I check in at the airport with TUI?
1.8.2. How do I make contact with TUI?
1.8.3. Can I take aerosols on a TUI plane in my luggage?
1.8.4. Who is the owner of TUI Group?
1.8.5. How many aircraft does TUI have?
1.8.6. What is TUI/Thomson?
1.8.7. What does TUI stand for?
1.9. TUI’s Best Practices for Travel Tourism
1.9.1. Spontaneous Search Forms
1.9.2. Simplicity and Transparency
1.9.3. Social Proof
2.0. TUI- Best and Top Online Travel Site

1. TUI: The UK'S Biggest Holiday Company!
The largest travel company in the UK has abandoned the name it has had for over half a century. Thomson was re-branded and re-established as TUI, the company of which it is a division. It is the last key component to take up the name of its German parent company. The Thomson brand changes to develop into TUI with a reference to continue to modernize the method the country holidays.  
Thomson Airways, previously Britannia, has turn into TUI Airways. First Choice, the comprehensive brand, and Crystal Ski are unchanged. The company’s cruise part, on the other hand, has formed a completely new name: Marella.

According to the CMD of TUI UK, Nick Longman, the TUI name could be “expanded” more efficiently than Thomson. After serving more than 100 million customers on holiday as Thomson, the firm  recognizes that one aspect no longer fits all when it gets nearer to travel.
TUI UK has developed sensitively intelligent technology to let loose holiday yearnings. The firm has introduced what it claims will be the prospect of holiday shopping:  a "facial coding pod", known as Destination U, which evaluates the method that a customer’s face reacts to diverse images.

1.1. Company History
Variety is the essence of a TUI holiday, starting from where you can go to what you can do to fill your time when you’re there. A city break will let you discover New York, Singapore and many more hotspots; while if you’re looking for fresh air and a mountainous skyline, you can revel in the Lakes and Mountains section to get you closer to jaw-dropping scenery and nature. The headquarters of TUI UK is based in Luton, England.  The travel company was originally named as Thomson Tour Operations (TTO). In 1965, it was established as part of the Thomson Travel Group. Following this, four tour operators, Gaytours, Luxitours, Skytours, Riviera, and the airline Britannia Airways were get hold of by Roy Thomson.
Owing to strong competition between the four acquired operators, the rival Clarksons Travel Group turned out to be the foremost player in the innovative UK package holiday marketplace. In 1971, Bryan Llewellyn was the appointed as TTO’s seventh MD. After the appointment of a completely new board of directors, a clear strategy was put into operation, and the businesses were re-branded and re-established as "Thomson Holidays".

Thomson Holidays became popular on account of offering with 3 and 4 night holidays package in Majorca for merely £19. Following the rapid succession, other innovative products were offered, such as Cruising with SS Ithaca; Villas & Apartments and Wintersports, City Breaks, Lakes, Mountains and Fjords. The collective success of the re-branding, innovative products, instantaneous reservations, powerful quality assurance and cost-effective prices allowed Thomson Holidays to rule the UK package holiday marketplace for more than 25 years.
In 1972, Lunn Poly was attained by Thomson. As a result, Thomas grew to turn into the leading chain of travel agents in the UK. Later on, Lunn Poly was rebranded as Thomson Holidays to build a powerful brand. Currently, Thomson Holidays have been acquiring more of their business by means of the internet; however, they keep hold of a large share of the best level travel agency industry.
In May 1998, Thomson Travel Group was proposed on the London Stock Exchange, In 2000, the group was taken hold of acquired by Preussag AG, an industrial and transportation corporation. Preussag was again newly named in 2002 as:-

  • Thomson Holidays became TUI UK
  • Thomson Ski became TUI Ski
  • Thomson Lakes became TUI Lakes
  • Britannia Airways became Thomson fly
  • Thomson became TUI Airways

All the above-mentioned companies are subsidiaries of TUI AG.
Thomson Travel Group which was rebranded under the TUI name in the UK, reported good revenue year after year, coupled with strong performance. The group’s hotel and cruise brands keep on performing very well in the entire marketplace.
1.2. TUI UK - Travel Website You Can't Miss For the Best Deals
The Internet has advanced to turn into a vital tool at home, and this can be established further when it gets nearer to finding the most excellent answers to your travel concerns. TUI UK presents a collection of travel ideas from people all around the world sharing their holiday experiences. You might locate something here that might assist you on your next holiday or motivate you on planning for a new tour. There is widespread information here about travel tips on fights, hotels, restaurants and leisure destinations. This is one cool website with a perception of creating your personal checklists earlier than leaving for your trip. This is certainly one enjoyable way not to overlook what you need. TUI provides an all-inclusive resource of Planning and Booking Flights. You can plan numerous flight itineraries that take out the problem of planning on your individual level. This website features the most excellent deals on the best hotels worldwide. A good proportion of the hotels have been suggested by travelers themselves, so you can look forward to the genuine deal. You can search all the way through different rates at luxury hotels in different regions. You can look further, as you might locate the lowest-priced reservation rates on the lodge or hotel of your preference.

1.3. TUI Discount, Deals and Promotions
TUI is rapidly emerging as the World’s No. 1 holiday company. The company is based in the UK and Ireland, and has been successfully taking more than six million people on holiday each year, to more than 80 destinations. The company has carefully designed affordable hotel experiences in the form of TUI SENSIMAR, TUI SENSATORI, TUI BLUE, TUI FAMILY LIFE, TUI MAGIC LIFE and ROBINSON. Furthermore, a discount code offered by TUI UK can help book your perfect holiday for a lesser amount.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a family vacation, a romantic trip or a striking adventure, all the accessible TUI codes make it simplified for you to enjoy your vacations.  TUI Discount Codes are always available on the offer page for their most recent discount codes and TUI vouchers for holiday. If you are on the lookout for a top holiday deal, check out their comprehensive packages on hotels, flights, transfers, eatables, and more. By means of a TUI offer or discount code, you can save and enjoy more on a lesser amount.

TUI UK is in the industry of making their services reasonable to everybody in need of travel services.  To boost affordability to all the people, the company introduced TUI codes and discount vouchers. As a result, the use of these discount codes can definitely help you to obtain considerable returns on the investment made. These discount offers coupons allow the consumer to purchase affordable travel packages at a cost lesser than the original one.

1.4. How does TUI UK compare to other travel operators?
If you look into the main competitors offering similar travel packages, namely Thomas Cook and  Expedia, you will fast become conscious how much more costly those offers are, particularly in the long-standing. Let us take a thorough look:-

TUI UK vs Thomas Cook
TUI UK                                  Thomas Cook
Profit Making                 More                                     Less
Bookings                          More                                     Decline
Forecast P/E ratios        11.3                                        7.5

Best Buy
Value                                   94                                            41   
Quality                                77                                            49
Momentum                       64                                            25
Rank                                   92                                             32

Growth & Value
PE Ratio                             11.3                                         7.49     
PEG Ratio                            1.24                                         0.22
EPS Growth                         10.1                                         55            
Dividend Yield                      4.02                                        NA
No. of Customers             Increased                            Decreased 
Customer Reviews         More Favorable                Less Favorable
Customer Service           Satisfactory                         Poor 

TUI draws closer in a clear first in every category, with an above all strong Value Rank of 94 and a remarkable overall rank of 92, recommending that TUI is an excellent quality business that's cost-effective.
Thomas Cook is handicapped by its huge debt levels and deprived share price performance, in; of course its latest lack of productivity (it hasn't made a good turnover since 2010).
*(Source- Stockopedia)

TUI UK vs Expedia
                                           TUI UK                                   Expedia
Profit Making                 Yes                                      Yes
Bookings                          Increase                                      Decline
Growth Rate                    +24 million transfers           +4.6 million excursions

TUI UK Thomas Cook
94 29
QualityScore 77 65
Momentum 64 75
Growth & Value
PE Ratio                             11.3                                         20.4     
PEG Ratio                           1.24                                         0.88
EPS Growth                        10.1                                         30.0           
Dividend Yield                   4.02                                        1.03

No. of Customers             Increased                                Decreased 
Customer Reviews         More Favorable                    Less Favorable
Customer Service            Satisfactory                           Poor 

TUI draws closer in a clear first in every category, with an above all strong Value Rank of 94 and a remarkable overall rank of 92, recommending that TUI is an excellent quality business that's cost-effective.
Expedia has an overall rank of 29, much lesser than TUI.

*(Source- Stockopedia)

1.5. TUI New Customer Service Approach
Ever since, the leading Travel Company Thomson has been re-branded and re-established as TUI, and the customers are now offered a more custom-made approach. Having taken over 100 million customers on vacation trips over the last six decades, the company is focusing and looking beyond the demand for traditional package holiday by the consumers. Since they feel like a holiday that is handpicked only for them, the next development in the entire travel marketplace is customization and personalization.

1.6. Utilization of Latest Technology to Predict your Ideal Holiday
An innovative piece of technology decoding your facial expressions and look into your subconscious has been developed by TUI UK to predict your ideal holiday. TUI will make use of sensitively intelligent technology and facial coding to disclose the holiday that matches your intuitive and emotional needs. The futuristic “Destination U” Prototype is intended to set off the imagination and tap into the intuitive. An algorithm computes each delicate facial response to a quick series of reminiscent moving images of destinations and experiences. Furthermore, it utilizes that data to work out the “perfect holiday”.
This Prototype happens to be the world’s first for the travel business.  In fact, Destination U is a massive step further for facial coding and one that tracks an exciting trip driven by the subjects’ responses. You can also sign up with TUI Holidays to get the best offers delivered straight to your inbox as well as the low down on new and trending destinations...

1.7. TUI Key Facts & Figures

Contact TUI

Take a look at the TUI Contact Page to make changes to your booking, or to ask general questions.

Call TUI: 0203 451 2688

TUI Opening Times

TUI Customer Care Centre Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sat 9.00 am - 6:00 pm

Sun 10.00 am - 5.00 pm


TUI UK and Ireland is the main business following the TUI, including First Choice, Crystal Ski and TUI Lakes & Mountains, and Marella Cruises brands. TUI Airways, an airline subsidiary has near about 64 aircraft operating to more than 70 destinations in nearly 30 countries. In the UK, it was the first airline to take Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. It expected that in 2018, it will add new 737 MAXs to its fleet.
There are over 10,000 employees working in the TUI, serving more than six million customers each year.

1.7.1. TUI
Being the UK’s leading holiday brand, TUI delivers exclusive and contemporary holiday experiences for all its customers. The company has been successfully serving all of its customers for holiday purposes during the more than 50 years.

  • TUI’s flagship hotels around the world are:-
  • TUI Sensatori – comfort holiday experience, first-class spas, brilliant gourmet dining
  • TUI Sensimar – offering modish hotels in beach front spots
  • TUI Blue – offering modern, top hotels
  • TUI Magic Life - all-encompassing hotels to the next level
  • Robinson – offering an excellent experience
  • TUI Family Life- specially designed for families with younger kids

1.7.2. TUI Airways
With a great fleet of 64 aircraft featuring Boeing 737, 757, 767 and 787, TUI Airways serves near about 22 UK airports. The company serves more than six million customers every year and operates to more than 70 destinations in nearly 30 countries.

Marella Cruises is a part of TUI UK and Ireland. It is the third biggest cruise line operator in the UK. There are presently five ships in the Marella Cruises fleet, Marella Celebration, Marella Dream,   Marella Discovery 2 and Marella Discovery.  

First Choice turned out to be foremost major holiday brand to offer 100% all-encompassing holidays to all of its customers. The brand offers special hotels intended specifically following customer response and offers families the calmness they need when going for a vacation.
Flagship hotels incorporate; First Choice Holiday Villages, which convey everything a family, could wish for in one place – great leisure, foodstuff, children clubs, swim academy, and more.

1.8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.8.1. How can I check in at the airport with TUI?
Online check-in will shut six hours previous to the scheduled time of departure for flight from the UK, and 25 hours earlier than departure for flights back to the destination. home. On the other hand, all customers can go to the TUI Airways bag drop desk at the airport to register and get hold of their boarding tags.
1.8.2. How do I make contact with TUI?
You can manage your booking, raise a query, and get in touch with the customer service via phone or email.
1.8.3. Can I take aerosols on a plane in your luggage?
Aerosol toiletries, for instance, hairspray or mousse are free from the TSA's bar on aerosol products in keep on and checked luggage. The TSA notes that traveler can bring such products on a plane in "restricted quantities," but a precise number is indeterminate.
1.8.4. Who is the owner of TUI Group?
TUI US is a British leisure travel group.  The company was established in 2007 by the joining of First Choice Holidays PLC and the TUI AG Tourism Division. The company operated in near about 180 countries and with more than 30 million customers.
1.8.5. How many aircraft does TUI have?
TUI has been flying travelers all over the world. The company serves about 64 aircraft operating to more than 70 destinations in nearly 30 countries.
1.8.6. What is TUI Thomson?
TUI UK (previously Thomson Holidays) is a subsidiary of TUI Group and a leading UK-based travel operator.
1.8.7. What does TUI stand for in Thomson Holidays?
The Thomson brand is being included into the broader TUI - the German tourism corporation which bought it in 2000, when it was known as Preussag AG. Since 2002, this Hanover-based giant has operated underneath the name "TUI AG".
1.9. TUI’s Best Practices for Travel Tourism
The travel tastes of most individuals have transformed in recent years. More individuals are looking doe new and unforgettable experiences. People are also ready to pay out more money if the experience is good enough. TUI UK offers the right information to the consumers and at the right time.
1.9.1. Spontaneous Search Forms
Search lies at the heart of TUI UK’s travel website. The site has been built, keeping in mind the target audience and their exact requirements.
Instead of stuffing all possible fields, the primary form has vital information, for instance "travel dates" and "destination." An advanced search permits users to filter results according to criteria, for instance, "kind of flight" and "kind of accommodation."
1.9.2. Simplicity and Transparency
A majority of online shoppers discard travel websites after seeing the closing prices. While this might put forward an inclination for contrast shopping, unseen fees are a relevant issue, too. On the other hand, TUI offers transparency in every step of the way.
1.9.3. Social Proof
As a matter of fact, a great majority of travelers read reviews earlier than booking a hotel. Reviews play an important role in the travel business. That's why, all the user reviews have been notably on TUI travel website. It is one of the most reliable travel website.
For example, your search form could have diverse travel experiences, such as foodstuff, mountaineering, climbing, fishing, etc., that people can select from. On the basis of the dates chosen or the season decided on, there are perfect destination suggestions in tune with the experience the consumers are on the lookout for.

TUI - The Leading Online Travel Site?
In the event, if you are interested in planning a trip, and if your trip will call for airline reservations, you may wish to checkout online TUI website. This website is an excellent method to rapidly make travel arrangements, in addition to good method to compare costs. To start with, you'll feel like to search for great rates. TUI is designed in a manner that you should save cash, so never pay more than what you call for.  When you search for flights on this website, there are several different options available. Depending on your travel needs, you also get an option to look for vacation packages. Vacation packages, deals and discount offers are a good method to make travel pacts, as you may have the potential to save both time and money.

On the TUI UK website, you are in a position to also find out more about the most excellent online travel deals.  Over the past few years, TUI has risen in reputation and several people use them. Ask any associates, relations, neighbors, or colleague in passing if they have constantly utilized TUI website to book a holiday before. If they have, which one did they make use of and would they recommend it to others? This approach certainly speaks about the excellent impression of TUI in the minds of people. When it draws closer to booking a holiday, TUI has designed their best plans, keeping you in mind. TUI goes on top of and further than your average travel agency. In addition to an award-winning company, TUI UK has teamed up with other trip operators to offer you more options on when and where you can take off.