How ANY Technically Challenged, Or Just  Plain Lazy, Wannabe Video Marketer Can Now Earn BIG With Video!    [ HINT: Let Us Do 90% Of The Work For You ]...
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  • Keyword Research DONE!
  • Video Scripts DONE!
  • Review Videos DONE!!!
  • Affiliate & Competition Stats DONE!
  • SEO Training DONE!
  • Media  Libraries Access DONE!  
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Hi, it's Clive McGonigal here, full-time online for over 10 years and loving it! First and foremost I'm an Affiliate Marketer, a Video Marketer and I train others to be the same. If you've yet to make Video marketing work for you you just landed on the right page...

And I've got Good News and Bad News for you...
So, first, here's the  Bad News: Numbers One, Two and Three...
The majority of Make Money Online products are created by people who have not created a job replacing income, are promoted by people who don't use those products and bought by others who are invariably disappointed in both the products and their lack of results OR take no action to implement what they learn. So they buy another similar product. Sound familiar?
Are You Jumping from One Idea to the Next, to the Next? FIXED!
Then there's the Overwhelm Factor - you need a Domain Name, Hosting, an Autoresponder because you are told you need to build a list, create a
Review Blog, an E-commerce store and then have to drive Traffic. Create your own product? You and thousands of others! Have you ever felt like breaking free from the Herd?
You Spend Time & Money with Little, if Anything, to Show for it! FIXED!
Your Inbox is  full of Gurus singing the praises of the all new, all
singing, all dancing online App. or Software that is going to solve all your
problems.... Search Engine Optimization, Video Creation, Facebook Ads,
Instagram, you name it! Enough Already! Why do I have to keep buying stuff to make money? Been There, Done That, Got The Teespring T-Shirt!
RESULTS TO DATE? Outlays: BIG - Income: minimal 
 OK, Enough of me & Einstein Trying To Make You Feel Bad!
Let's Get To The GOOD NEWS - Let Me Make Your Day!
Long story short: As a marketer who focuses on selling affiliate products, primarily via effective video marketing, I'm always looking on ways to speed things up.  The building blocks of a successful video marketing campaign to generate income WITHOUT buying traffic!
BUT It Quickly Becomes Obvious That There Is A LOT Of Work Involved! 
  • Niche Research
  • Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Script Writing
  • Video/Audio Creation and Editing
  • Competition Research
  • Video Optimization and SEO
Even with all the cool tools at our disposal I know that to create quality content and get that cool video in front of people happy to buy a product it takes time to do it right. Is that something you've discovered too?

Outsourcing it is a 'Hit & Run' affair at best so I accept the inevitable - every video I research and create takes me a big chunk of time. But I'm OK with that as I enjoy the process! 

As, once the work is done, those videos become permanent online assets, generating income every day... THEN IT HIT ME!...
HOW ABOUT: No Research - No Video Creation - Nada? 
EUREKA! Your Stumbling Blocks & Obstacles REMOVED!
Niche, Related Search Terms, Competition Analysis. Product Statistics. Saving you hours of time for every video you have access to.
Audio, Videos ( with and without music). Image, Video and Music Libraries. Edit your videos or upload them as is. Mix and Match!
Create a Fully Stocked YouTube Channel or Blog to start earning an affiliate Income FAST. This is the final piece of the Jigsaw!
You Had Me at 'Done For You' - GIVE ME ACCESS NOW CLIVE!
Watch this Video to see just how much Time and Effort you will Save with the Speedy Content Club  Done 4 U Videos and Research
This Gives A Whole New Meaning To 'Over Delivery'...
Just look at what's included...  
...For TEN High Converting Clickbank Products
Ten products that sell hundreds of units every day making their creators and affiliates serious income, often residual and NOT 'Make Money Online' related. Check out some samples below...
Smart Marketers Promoting Evergreen Clickbank Offers are Earning Big Bucks Every Day. Isn't It About Time You Joined That Select Group? Now You Can!
As you can see, via those 3 Sample Videos, these are a step above simple slideshow review videos and head and shoulders above those fake  Fiverr 'talking head' review videos we see all the time. Your videos  are created with multiple video creation products and tools that I have at my disposal and incorporate Creative Commons, Royalty Free imagery and  purchased 'full license' Video Clips.
At Last:  a REAL Done For You Solution - Get Your Review Videos Online FAST!
$3.70 per video is simply insane! More so when you check out all the extras of SEO research, video intros and more. These videos will be sold for $37+ EACH elsewhere after this Early Bird Launch is over. DON'T MISS OUT! Get a Head Start Today!
VIDEO RANK CHECKER - Use this App. to check out your own rankings or your competition for specific search terms. Get informed and Reverse Engineer the videos you want to beat
VIDEO SCRIPT APP - Want to build your own script? Step by step script building application with built in tips to write your very own Attention Grabbing scripts
MEDIA LIBRARIES - 3 MASSIVE Royalty Free packs of Images, Footage, Graphics and Music to use in your videos. Plus templates and imagery for your Thumbnails, 'Cards' and 'End Screens'
QUICK START SEO MIND MAP - Your One Stop Cheat Sheet to Superior Video Optimisation. Short, Simple but Effective Tactics to Boost Your Videos Up the Rankings
ACCESS MY PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Join 1250 plus Video Marketers for Insights, Tactics and Tips. You are not alone! Swap notes with your peers. From Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced we are all here to help you out.
Now You Can Instantly Access Review Videos Of Profit-Pulling Products, Customize Them Any Way You Wish:

The Entire Video Creation Process Has Been 'Done For You'

= No Video Creation Required!

Products Sourced, Search Terms 'Found For You'

= No Hours Spent On Research!

Simply Upload to your YouTube Channel or embed on your website(s)  and optimize for Your Chosen Search Term using the Video SEO Training Mind Map (included).
If you've been in the IM world for any length of time you'll know that it's full of hype, unrealistic expectations and false promises.

But, every now and then, something comes along to make you sit up and pay attention. I hope you'll recognize this as one of those moments.

The Speedy Content Club has no promises to live up to because I've made none. You can either see the possibilities or you can't. You can either see the benefits of what's on offer here or not.

I have made it as clear as I can on this page EXACTLY what you are going to get access to so you can make an informed decision today. But time is NOT on your side!

I have access to multiple 'paid' tools to create the Content and Research so you can avoid those expenses!

If it's a fit for you and your online ambitions grab it because these videos will be sold INDIVIDUALLY for $37 each in the upcoming Speedy Content Club Store. Darn right! They are more than worth it at that low price point too!

Today you have access to Quality Content, backed up by Solid Research, to promote proven online Best Sellers with a video library offered at a fraction of its true value. Ten ( count 'em) professionally created review videos for top selling Clickbank affiliate products.

In less than 10 minutes You can have a Review Video for a Clickbank Bestseller online and optimized for a 'long tail' search term for ongoing affiliate income.

Spend a bit more time and create multiple, unique 'spun' videos with superior SEO to create a YouTube Channel and/or Review Blog. You are only limited by your imagination  and desire to succeed!

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.
Got Questions?
Are these videos PLR?
No. These are unique videos created for Speedy Content Club  members for their personal use. They are only available from this page at this  price for now. Resellers beware!
Can I edit the videos?
Of course. In fact the more you edit them the better, make them your own. At least add a 'Watermark'. Or choose to add your own Voice Over, using the Done For You script for example.
What is your refund policy?
While this page has made it plain as day what you receive when you order we still offer a 30 day refund policy. However if you use the videos after refunding you will be breaking copyright law and will face legal action for unauthorized usage.
Will this make me money?
When you rank a video on page #1 offering a solution to people with a problem searching for a solution that makes you money. You now have the videos, you have the Keyword Research and the SEO training. How successful you are is down to you and your work ethic. No BS 'Make Money' overnight promises here!
Are the images and video footage you use Royalty Free?
Images are from Creative Commons Libraries and we supply you with a link to put in your YouTube description that shows all the images and gives 'attribution' where required so you are completely legit and within terms of usage - see below.

Video footage/clips incorporated into the videos have been purchased by us with a 'multi-user' license.
But I will be competing with everybody else who buys these videos right?
No, not unless you are optimizing your video for the exact same search term as them. With hundreds  of terms to target (supplied) you can rank for all kinds of 'Buyer Intent' search terms. That's the beauty of smart SEO! 
Do I need technical skills or have to purchase video editing software?
No, you can use the videos straight out of the box but we do suggest making them uniquely your own with some basic editing, via  free video editing options and software ( big list of free sofware and related training   included).
Are there upsells, do I need to buy more stuff?
Yes, you will be offered my Video Ranking course after purchase and my Backlinking course too, but both are optional and for those who want to rank videos for more competetive search terms - they are at a 'knock down' price for this launch. So no you do not necessarily need them to start uploading and ranking videos today!
NOTE: EARLY BIRD Price Increases Every 24 Hours of Launch
This is a Disclaimer for anybody who feels this content and training is a fast or easy way to make money online - there is no such thing. Making a consistent online income takes knowledge, dedication and hard work.

The Speedy Content Club's content combined with all the other training I offer absolutely gives you the tools and knowledge to start creating an online income stream. That said I have no idea of your work ethic, how you follow instructions or whether you follow them at all. Maybe you just buy stuff and take no action - that's your call of course but out of my control.

So there is no guarantee, stated or implied, that you will be able to duplicate my results or success. Please do not let this discourage you - I simply state this here to point out that fortune favors the brave and that success requires work on your part. In the Speedy Content Club and the associated training you have been offered you have everything you need. How you use or apply this is up to you.

The Speedy Content Club is in no way affiliated with CLICKBANK. ClickBank is the retailer of products mentioned on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. Did I need to add this? Heck I don't know . Do these people check this stuff? It's added anyway. 
All rights reserved - SpeedyContent.Club - Copyright 2018
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