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Like most of these adhesives, liquid cement will mar the surface of your model if let it run off of the intended target. Testors Liquid Cement – this has been on the market forever and is still as reliable as ever. Tamiya Thick Liquid Cement - The thicker Tamiya cement appears to be thicker than Testors, and it has been useful for applying to the tabs on horizontal stabs where you need to join the two together simultaneously through the fuselage. I’ve given you a whirlwind look at the various glues and cements that I use in my own modeling. The vapors from the MEK-like Tenax 7R, Ambroid Pro-Weld, and Plastruct Plastic Weld products are especially harmful.

This stuff was nearly instantaneous for bonding two styrene surfaces together, but it is as volatile as methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) – you could open a bottle of Tenax and literally watch the fluid level drop as it evaporates. I keep several on-hand because invariably one will become blocked with a bit of styrene in the tip and it will need to sit in cement for a while to dissolve and clear the blockage. One other major advantage of the Tamiya liquid cements over the Testors brand is odor - Tamiya has formulated their cements where they don't smell bad nor seem to have toxic effects. I keep one or more of these products around for applications where the other liquid cements aren’t responding. Testors liquid cement will give you an unpleasant buzz or nausea from prolonged exposure to the vapors if you make the mistake of working in an unventilated area.

If you later decide to use cement, you must clear the parts of the cyano residue in order for the cement to have contact with the styrene. Liquid cement is slower to cure, but it is the strongest bond for joints like those mentioned above.

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