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Cost: an O-gauge starter set or layout is at least twice the cost of an HO gauge layout of the same (scale) size and quality. The space needed for an minimal O layout is larger than for an HO layout, but not by as much as you might think. If you like the idea of really big all steel trains in the style of the earliest model electric trains (from around 1900-1930), consider Standard Gauge instead of O.
Model train shows are a great place to see operating layouts and buy new and used merchandise from a large number of dealers. I have found the grading of trains by these houses to be reliable, and winning bids usually reflect true market value.
Marx trains were and are much less expensive than Lionel trains, and also much less realistic and more toylike. You can educate yourself about models, terminology, and prices of pre- and post-war trains by getting the Standard Catalogs of Lionel Trains by David Doyle, volumes 1 (pre-war) and 2 (post-war).
Williams was a small independent company producing replicas of postwar Lionel trains until the owner retired in 2008. Weaver is another small company that manufactures O-gauge trains and buildings in Northumberland, Pennsylvania.
3rdRail makes extremely detailed, expensive, limited-edition models out of (painted) brass for adult collectors. ETS (Electric Train Systems) hand-produces all-metal tinplate trains in the Czech Republic, and sells them at surprisingly low prices given their quality. Almost all O-gauge trains are electrically compatible - if the motor is in good condition, you can run a train from 1935 on a modern layout. LCS Lionel Control System - an extension to TMCC II Legacy that allows trains to send information via special infra-red sensor based track sections to the controller.
Lionchief Remote Control - a simple remote control system for certain low-end Lionel trains. Any of MTH's starter sets are good quality, but be aware that the Lionel name appears on a few plastic, battery-operated G-scale train sets you should avoid. The Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, whose mission is to collect and preserve the history of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad in personal recollections, photographs, documents, memorabilia, and models. Click on the links to your left and discover more about the railroad, our Society, the merchandise that we have for sale, news about the railroad, Society events, and links to other sites related to the Ma & Pa, our members, and railroading.

DIRECTIONS: From Baltimore Beltway (I-695), travel north on Cromwell Bridge Road for almost 3 miles until road ends, then turn left onto Glen Arm Road. The Red Lion Train Station Model Railroaders are holding their 13th Annual Holiday Open House of their expanding 3-rail O scale, S scale and N scale model railroad layouts in December 2015. The historic Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad's former Red Lion passenger and freight depot is located at 73 North Main Street in Red Lion, Pennsylvania (PA Route 24, one block north of center square). The Red Lion Area Historical Society owns the station and is preserving the station as a museum for future generations. The layout is located in the historic Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad’s Red Lion Train Station at 73 N. Those of you with an interest in discussions of Ma & Pa history, equipment and modeling may want to join the Ma & Pa Railroad email list at Yahoo Groups. The Lionel Corporation brand of MTH produces reproductions of standard-gauge trains from the early pre-war era (as well as pre-war O replicas), and original Standard Gauge equipment can be easily found at auctions (see below).
Most G-gauge trains have durable heavy plastic bodies, so they are less likely than O-gauge trains to be damaged by rough play by children.
Fortunately, rather than disappearing, the company was bought by Bachmann, a large toy company, which had previously been known for HO and N gauge trains. Trains intended for the US market from all eras run on AC current, using transformers that deliver 0-18 volts AC, and are designed to run on 3-rail track. They provide sounds of chuffing, steam release, brakes, whistle, bell, and radio chatter from a train crew.
Note that two-way communication between trains and controllers has always been a feature of MTH Proto-Sound. For anything more, you need one or more TMCC engines, a TMCC remote, and a TMCC control base. G-gauge is about the same size as Standard Gauge, but always uses 2-rail track and DC power instead of 3-rail AC. Most general hobby shops carry only a limited selection of model trains, and dedicated model train shops are becoming fewer in number each year.
I have had good experiences ordering from The Western Depot, a California dealer that always has a large selection of sale items. Their train sets that include track and a transformer use 2-rail track and DC power, and include cars with a different style of coupler than is used by the companies above.

If you have inherited an old Lionel transformer that is in good condition (no frayed wires or cracks in the case), you can use it with modern trains. By giving up a few more advanced features and the wireless handheld unit, you can instead buy a DCS Commander unit for $150 (alone), or for $220 together with a 100W transformer. The Society is an independent group affiliated with the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). Charlie was 88 years old, and while many were aware that he had been in steadily declining health for the last several years, getting the news was still shocking.
G-gauge brands include MTH One Gauge, LGB, Marklin 1-Gauge, Bachmann, Hartland Locomotive Works, and USA Trains. Most dedicated train shops are tiny operations whose hours can be irregular, so you should telephone in advance before traveling to them. However, all of their engines can also be ordered set up for 3-rail AC operation and with Lionel-style knuckle couplers.
However, to protect the delicate electronics in modern engines from being damaged, you should add an inexpensive fuse block between the transformer and the track. If you want to control accessories remote, you further add one or more TMCC accessory control modules.
At the lowest end, for a mere $30 you can buy the DCS Remote Commander, which controls the basic functions of a single engine at a time.
Members are encouraged to bring Ma & Pa related items to display, and the Company Store will be open for business in the back of the room. Four ready-to-run Lionel train sets, including Thomas & Friends and The Polar Express, will be raffled off. To remote control accessories or switches, you add Proto-Sound control modules connected to the Track Interface Unit.

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