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When you suffer from tinnitus, you perceive certain sounds that are generated by the nervous system of the ear and brain.
The brain has a drive to overcompensate for what it is not getting from the ears because of hearing loss, often caused by hair cell damage. Tinnitus is often accompanied by a series of common difficulties such as sleeping problems, irritation, difficulty relaxing, problems focusing on speech and concentration difficulties. Counseling with an experienced hearing healthcare professional trained in managing tinnitus improves your chances of success in regaining your quality of life.
A new and unique approach to tinnitus management is Widex Zen Therapy, a method that combines counseling and stress reduction with sound stimulation and amplification.

ZEN2GO is a new tinnitus device for all tinnitus sufferers, even those without hearing loss. Tinnitus managementWidex Zen Therapy is a new unique counselling method for tinnitus management.
ZEN2GO is a new tinnitus management device that plays random, soothing harmonic tones called ZEN.
We have made sure that the hearing care professional is well equipped with a new counselling method for tinnitus sufferers, the unique Widex Zen Therapy. Widex - hearing aid solutionsThis website uses cookies for remembering your choices and for web statistics.

Placed in the ear, it is designed to help you relax and reduce stress – both of which help with tinnitus. At the end, you will know if it’s time to see a hearing care professional.FREE ONLINE HEARING TEST4 STEPS TO BETTER HEARING1. Choose your new hearing aidsFIND YOUR LOCAL HEARING CARE PROFESSIONAL HEREWIDEX DREAM - YOUR PATH TO BETTER HEARINGWith Widex DREAM, it’s the details that count.

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