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Here at the Center for Holistic Medicine we are passionate about your health and providing the best and most personal care you can find. The word holistic is more relevant since it defines a complete form of health care that does not reject conventional medicine, but considers a comprehensive, individualized picture of health and uses the best and most appropriate options for prevention and healing.
Many of the common illnesses and chronic health problems that affect children respond best when addressed from a holistic point of view. When you are fully educated in holistic health care, you can maintain an exceptionally healthy home environment and provide your children with the best possible care for healthy development and optimal vitality. Jane Sheppard started Healthy Child in 1997 to help parents to create home environments where babies and children can thrive and be healthy. When my daughter was little, I was determined to be supermom at packing nutritious, healthy lunches. However, the biggest fear that parents encounter in using holistic medicine is fear of the unknown. For over 18 years Jane has been writing and teaching about natural holistic parenting and reducing environmental toxins.

We can combine traditional medicine with complementary alternative medicine to restore balance to body mind and spirit. The key is in understanding your child’s unique nature, along with symptoms, and using the appropriate food, natural medicines or other treatments to stimulate a healing response. When you know your child’s strengths, temperament, and learning style, and you know how your child handles stress, with the help of holistic medicine you can prevent and deal with most health, behavior and learning problems. In fact, our advisors are pediatrician medical doctors fully trained and experienced in conventional medicine and experts in safe and effective holistic medicine for babies and children. We teach you to strengthen and support immunity and the entire body to stimulate your child’s natural health and wellness.
By carefully assessing your children, you can prioritize their needs and focus on what may be diminishing their health.
Her focus with Healthy Child has always been to provide reliable, transparent and clear information so parents can empower themselves to make informed choices.
If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, consult your professional healthcare provider.

Randall Neustaedter, OMD, our core program teacher, is a provider of primary health care for children.
Good health begins at home with breastfeeding, high quality food and nutrition, a non-toxic environment, and mental and emotional nurturing.
If you need help from a health professional, you can choose the form of health care that is most appropriate for your child and the situation. We will teach what can be handled at home, what requires medical attention, or when you may need a holistic health practitioner. We teach about all effective and safe forms of holistic health care and how to find a practitioner if you need one.

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