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A sensorineural hearing loss is defined as damage to the hair cells in the cochlea (this is the sensory hearing organ) or damage to the neural pathways of hearing (nerves). All ear surgery carries the risk of hearing loss due to trauma to the inner ear by surgical instruments.
Diseases such as measles, mumps and meningitis can cause permanent hearing loss or varying degrees in the cochlea.
This section gives you quick access to the main headline statistics about deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus in the UK.
By 2031, it is estimated that there will be 14.5 million people with hearing loss in the UK. There are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK, plus many more who experience temporary hearing loss. More than 70% of over 70 year-olds and 40% of over 50 year-olds have some form of hearing loss.
There are approximately 356,000 people with combined visual and hearing impairment in the UK. About two million people in the UK have hearing aids, but only 1.4 million use them regularly.
About one in ten adults in the UK have mild tinnitus and up to 1% have tinnitus that affects their quality of life.
Our policy team frequently publish new research, so you can go to their research reports page to find out our most recent facts and figures.
Registered Office: Action on Hearing Loss is the trading name of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID). Since speech, as with most forms of communication, is learned through observation (hearing other people talk) and imitation (repeating what you have heard), many deaf people, especially those born deaf or deafened at an early age, have difficulty learning to speak with the natural cadence and intonation of those blessed with hearing. These sites have great information for speech therapists, those looking to study speech therapy, and even individuals seeking speech therapy or another type of communication therapy or coaching. American Sign Language is a widely used system of hand symbols and gestures that can be used to communicate nearly any word or concept visually.
The World Association of Sign Language Interpreters is a site designed to inform people about the development of the WASLi and what the organization offers the community. Xpressivehandz is dedicated to informing people about teaching young children and babies sign language.
California Federation of Interpreters is a site about this California-based organization dedicated to providing tools and resources to interpreters. Rauch Interpreting Services strives to unite a community of people who support those with disabilities and their families.
Sign Writing Site is a site dedicated to educating readers about deaf literacy and deaf literacy issues.
American Sign Language University is an ASL resource site for sign language students and teachers.
ASL Resource is a site full of helpful tools and resources for American Sign Language users, students, and teachers.
Baby Sign Language Academy is a site which aims to make baby sign language easy for both the parents and the children.
My Smart Hands is a blog about helping young minds learn sign language and learn through sign language.
Sign Language Workshops for Music Lovers is a site dedicated to sign language and music brought to readers by the creators of the Worship Workshop.
Access Interpreting is an organization that provides and promotes communication services for the deaf and hard of hearing. One side effect of the communication difficulties that deafness brings has been the development of a vibrant culture surrounding hearing loss and the use of deaf-friendly communication in entertainment, media, social situations, technology, and more. Signed Stories is a site full of stories for parents, care takers, and teachers of deaf children and students.
Deaf in Prison is a blog about the challenges faced by deaf and hearing impaired people who are incarcerated.
Malinowski’s Blog offers insights on social justice and artistic views on the writer’s experiences growing up as a hearing capable daughter in a deaf household.
The Deaf Church in New Orleans is a site which hosts news and information about the New Orleans-based church for the hearing impaired. Hands of Praise offers Christian stories and ministries in American Sign Language, making religion more accessible to those who cannot fully benefit from a spoken religious service.
OIC Movies has entertainment, news, and other media translated into ASL and recorded on video to provide an online media resource for individuals who rely on ASL as their mode of communication and information gathering. National Deaf Education Project was established over a decade ago to move towards the development of a quality communication and language-driven education. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders is dedicated to research to improve the lives of people with communication disabilities. Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a site for children and adults who suffer from hearing loss. A Deaf Mom Shares Her World is a site dedicated to the journey of a mother who suffers from hearing loss. Deafened But Not Silent discusses how to get the most out of life, even with a hearing disability. The Silent Grapevine is site for the deaf community on pop-cultural news, scandals, fashion, hairstyles, pictures, and videos.
The Peterborough and District Deaf Children’s Society is dedicated to the community of deaf children and their caregivers.
STAGETEXT is a publically funded registered charity which offers captioning and speech-to-text amenities to theatres and other art venues. National Cued Speech Association supports communication and language development in the individuals and for families. Deaf Village offers content that echoes an essence of inclusion, teamwork and partnership amongst the diverse members. Show of Hands is a site dedicated to visual and performing arts for the hearing impaired and deafblind audiences. Sign 2 Music is a Northern Ireland-based company committed to supporting families, childcare, and educational professionals.

Discovering Deaf Worlds is a site dedicated to the education, employment, and empowerment of the deaf community. National Association of the Deaf is the United States premier organization for deafness civil rights. Hands and Voices is a nationwide group that provides resources and education for the hearing impaired community. American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) believes deaf or hard-of-hearing children are entitled to full communication access in their home, school, and community. The advent of smartphones has led to a renaissance of technologies accessible to those with hearing loss.
Catherine’s CI Journey is a blog about a deaf woman’s journey with the use of technology for the hearing impaired. The American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project is a site dedicated to the research and development of devices for the hearing impaired. The Hearing Health Foundation is a group dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss, research, cures. ASL-STEM Forum offers resources for helping integration of ASL into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Cacophony to Symphony is about the life of a teenage girl who grew up with hearing loss and is now using a cochlear implant.
Ask Arlene is about hearing loss, cochlear implants, and more issues in the deaf community.
Though it may be easy to feel isolated as someone who can’t hear among peers who can, many people with hearing loss have faced their isolation head on by blogging about what it is like to live with hearing loss in a world where hearing and speaking are taken for granted by almost everyone.
Deaf Girl Amy is an author, social entrepreneur, and has been hearing impaired since age 19.
Hearing Elmo is a blog written by a woman who first heard the sound of an Elmo doll after receiving a cochlear implant. Half Way Here is a blog by a young man who is half way in between being deaf and hearing normally. The Ear of My Heart is about listening to people with an open heart and complete attention.
Deafness and Life Adventures is a blog written by a student who is post-lingual deaf and uses a cochlear implant.
From online health instructionals in ASL to religious bloggers who discuss deafness from a faith-based perspective, the Internet contains a wealth of resources for deaf people and their friends, family, and colleagues (and yes, even their speech therapists). Beginnings is a site dedicated to parents of children who are deaf or who have children who are hard of hearing.
The American School for the Deaf is a school which was founded in the 1800s that provides exclusive education tailored to the hearing impaired. Deaf Parents, Deaf Children is a UK-based group of deaf parents and parents of deaf children. With this type of hearing loss it is not always possible to tell which part is damaged and is therefore often listed together as sensorineural hearing loss. You can find out more in our factsheet Facts and figures on hearing loss and tinnitus(PDF 269kb, opens new window). Speech therapists and speech pathologists are often needed to help deaf and hard of hearing people improve their speech capabilities. Posts in the blog address struggles in ASL world from a business perspective and offer commentary on relevant current events. Content on this site is meant to promote a higher professional standard and bring together a community of sign language users and professionals. Posts on this site chronicle his experiences as a student and what he has learned about the deaf culture. This site offers information about what the group offers and how to find resources for various issues in this field. Video posts range from informative vlogs to creative and humorous skits which address situations in the ASL culture.
Content on this site covers educational references as well as offers information and resources for community awareness.
Resources and posts on this site are meant to help people improve their sign language skills and ASL teaching skills.
The content on this site is meant to help parents teach their baby ASL and it also offers resources for educational materials.
Vlog posts on this site feature commentary on ASL issues as well as posts about pop-culture and unrelated news.
Posts on this site are meant to help parents who are teaching their babies and toddlers sign language. Content on this site is meant to educate parents and teachers and teaching young children to sign.
The site offers learning resources, an online ASL dictionary, and education about sign language. Site users will find valuable information and courses which aim to help people learn sign language as a second language. Site users can also browse by letters and find signs for words that would be useful to know. AI provides real-time video interpretation via the web, creates seminars, and distributes various products that ease communication between those who can hear and those who cannot. There are many organizations devoted to removing the stigma from deafness and helping those with hearing loss live full lives despite many aspects of society not catering to their needs. Aside from initial communication difficulties with police officers, prison officials and other participants in the prison system, incarcerated deaf people may have social difficulty with their cell mates and may not be able to take advantage of the offerings for education or employment that are available to some prisoners. Posts on this site address current events, topics on the deaf community, and topics on the Christian community. Additionally, Lisa McLung’s Hands of Praise videos are set to music and have a theatrical element to them to augment the visual communication style of ASL. Content on this site is broken down by native language and offers site users many valuable educational tools and resources.
Content spotlights the artists’ works and struggles as well as offers inspiration to others in the same position.

Posts on this site chronicle the evolution of the movie as well as offers the latest news on product and promotion. Site posts feature information and updates about the work the Mission is doing and what projects are coming up.
Posts on this site are meant to offer people with educational tools and resources about their rights. Posts on this site offer helpful resources and tips about handling everyday life with hearing loss. Parents and teachers can find many valuable articles about helping their deaf children and resources for assistance.
The group was found by people who have different types of deafness and the willpower to increase access to the performing arts for all deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing people.
Posts offer perspective, insight, and information about topics in the hearing impaired community. This site provides information and access to upcoming shows and events in the hearing impaired entertainment genre. Posts on this site give a personal look at what it is like growing up with hearing loss and offers advice to the deaf community.
Content on this site offers resources for the betterment of people who are hearing impaired.
This site offers insights and alternative perspectives on issues which impact the deaf community.
Content on this site addresses the causes of hearing loss, how to improve hearing, and options for seeking outside help. This site is updated daily and is essentially an online newspaper which concentrates on issues that impact the hearing impaired. Content on this site is meant to offer support, advocacy, and resources for the deaf community. Site visitors will discover how they can get involved in the organization and also discover resources and tools for the deaf community.
Posts on this site offer insight and commentary on current events which impact the deaf community.
Posts on this site cover issues faced by people of all ages and demographics who have a hearing impairment.
ASDC also believes that language development, respect for the Deaf, and access to deaf and hard-of-hearing role models are important to assure optimal intellectual, social, and emotional development. Video chat and instant messaging and other visual modes of communication enabled by high speed mobile Internet connections allow a host of new options, and other technologies like increasingly tiny and advanced hearing aids and even cochlear implants are making it easier than ever to learn to speak, and even learn to hear.
Posts on this site explain the importance of captioning and how the group is making changes.
Methods and Materials for Teaching Science to Deaf Students is an educational site for the hearing impaired. Posts contain videos and explanations about this woman’s experience with modern devices to assist the deaf.
Posts on this site highlight the technology of hearing aid devices and explains the many different options for hearing aids. Site users will discover interesting information about the development of hearing assistance technology. Content on this site covers the people involved, projects, and publications on this research.
Posts contain consumer reviews as well as additional information about how a deaf person can get more use out of programs and gadgets. Posts chronicle her journey through deafness to life with the technology to help her hear again. Posts on this site are about growing up deaf and then gaining hearing through the use of technology.
Content is about this girl’s journey growing up with a hearing impairment and tackling personal and educational issues.
The site features musings from the author’s life, topics on deafness, and guest posts from other hearing impaired bloggers. Content on this blog spotlights the struggles of someone who is hard of hearing but does not qualify as being disabled. Content on this site features musings from the author’s personal life, commentary on issues to do with being hearing impaired and other resources. Site posts come from the site owner and guest bloggers who share a unique perspective on the deaf culture. Posts on this site cover the struggles of everyday communication and misconceptions about deafness. This person’s blog is principally about the job of an itinerant teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students, deaf and hard of hearing issues, and life with a hearing loss. This site offers visual instructions and resources which relate to healthcare and health related issues. Site content and resources provide solutions for the many diverse needs of children and families struggling with hearing loss.
This site is about the type of learning the school offers and additional resources for the deaf community.
Content on this site is meant to be positive and inspirational for individuals and families of the hearing impaired. The learning and communication tools and skills used by deaf people can be very useful for speech therapists. This affects the speech therapy community nearly as much as it does the deaf community, and any speech therapist should stay on top of the new technologies that could revolutionize their career. Many techniques and technologies that have been developed for those with hearing loss, such as American Sign Language, Cochlear Implants, Closed Captioning, video chat, and ASL enabled mobile communication apps, can be of great use to speech pathologists throughout their careers.

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