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Treatments for tinnitus that work, tinnitus and hearing aid use - How to DIY

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In our study we were thus interested in examining factors, which possibly contribute to a positive treatment outcome in iCBT for tinnitus. With regard to the lack of treatment opportunities for tinnitus sufferers, our findings are very promising: They do not only give further evidence for the efficacy of iCBT for tinnitus in general but also show that iCBT with lesser extents of support can lead to strong improvements. I got this after i visited a concert in New York, But i successfully got rid of Tinnitus in just 5 Days. The presence of at least minimal therapeutic support has been suggested as one aspect of treatment success in iCBT. Contrary to our hypothesis, however, the availability of therapeutic support had no additional effect on treatment success. Our study results are therefore an important next step for the implementation of iCBT for the treatment of tinnitus into regular healthcare.

A finding with relevance for the practicability of the iCBT approach is that patients who were offered the option of requesting support did in fact not often make use of it. In contrast, psychological treatments are very successful to reduce tinnitus distress, especially cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) has been shown to be effective.
Accordingly, for the iCBT with support-on-demand, much less time needs to be invested than during face-to-face therapy.
Despite this fact, many sufferers cannot see a psychologist since treatment places for psychological therapy are rare in most countries. Furthermore, we were interested in the question whether positive outcome expectations are a predictor of treatment success.
Due to the lack of opportunities to get professional psychological treatment, current research focuses increasingly on CBT self-help treatments, in particular treatments delivered via the internet (iCBT).

A further noteworthy finding regards positive outcome expectations: We found that a stronger hope of improvement at pre-treatment significantly predicted treatment success.
Study results speak in favor of iCBT for tinnitus, however, only little is known about the mechanisms that make iCBT for tinnitus sufferers work. This finding implies that the induction of positive expectations prior to treatment start could be advantageous in iCBT to enable greater improvement.

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