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Treatment of somatic tinnitus, ringing or buzzing in your ear - Within Minutes

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Recently, one person reported his tinnitus was not present upon waking but as soon as he started walking, it became severe. Somatic tinnitus is a condition where the sensory system in the body can cause, worsen, or influence tinnitus in some way. One of the most common disruptive somatic signals occurs with muscle spasm of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM).1 This is the large muscle under the ear on both sides of the neck that acts to rotate the head.
Robert Levine, MD states that somatic modulation of tinnitus is very common in clinical tinnitus patients.
Author’s Note: I cannot modulate my steady-state tinnitus by motions of my head, neck or jaw. One small study showed 46% of participants had improved or completely resolved tinnitus using a TENS unit.7 Patients used the units at home for two hours per day over two weeks time.
However, when a patient has this somatic type of tinnitus, hearing loss is usually not involved. In the last 10 years researchers have discovered that some cases of ringing in ears are not caused by ears but rather are caused by short circuits in the brain ( treat tinnitus fast naturally ).
Electrical stimulation of the median nerve at the wrist can cause tinnitus (Moller and Rollins, 2002). Vanneste et al (2010) reported that tinnitus sometimes responds to Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) of upper cervical nerve (C2).
Levine (2007) suggested that cervical treatment was most successful in individuals with asymmetrical tinnitus (on matching), but normal hearing threshholds. Levine also reviewed electrical stimulation (a few reports), trigger point injections of the cervical and jaw muscles, and TMD treatments. Many people have tinnitus that changes from day to day, or is worse during specific times of the day.

The word somatic is from the Greek meaning “of the body.” Somatic signals are sensory signals and are generated from muscle position sensors in the face, neck, head, trunk, arms, tongue, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
For some patients, anything that causes torsion of the neck, such as using a pillow at night, bending the neck to look through a microscope, or any number of activities, causes a muscle spasm that produces tinnitus. Because the DCN is so important in tinnitus, it is often said that tinnitus is primarily a brain phenomenon. However, if I thrust out my lower jaw I create a new tinnitus sound that continues until I relax the jaw.
Somatic tinnitus, therefore, pertains to tinnitus that changes the movement of parts of the body. That is, if damage to the sensory cells occur, then there are greater chances of getting tinnitus. The general idea is that sensory input from muscles or structures outside the ear can cause or change tinnitus. Similarly, Moller et al (1992) found that tinnitus modulated with electrical stimulation at the wrist.
Our experience has been that it is rare (about 20%) that tinnitus is affected by acupuncture. The spasm and resultant tinnitus may not happen immediately but can start several hours after the neck is twisted.
For those with TMJ dysfunction, there are treatments beginning with a bite guard to align the TM joint.
Bjorne at Ystad Hospital in Sweden has developed treatments for somatic tinnitus that range from bite guards to stretching and relaxation exercises that can be done at home.6 Treatment of the muscle tension in the jaw and neck shows a significant reduction of tinnitus severity.
They are attached to the skin close to the ear and, as a current is passed through, they augment the inhibitory action of the DCN, reducing tinnitus.

Somatic tinnitus without otologic disease had better response than tinnitus associated with otologic causes. This is the most common of all tinnitus forms, which affects millions of people the world over.
It is not just the external noises that can trigger tinnitus; some other internal defects can do so as well. As of course the median nerve sends input to the spinal cord, and cervical injuries are known to occasionally cause tinnitus, this is consistent with the general idea that sensory input from nearly any source can (rarely) cause or modulate tinnitus.
One such cause is damage in the neural connections between the somatosensory and audio systems.
The ringing sensation associated with tinnitus happens when there is an over activity of the muscles in your jaw.
Tinnitus that started because of toxins in your body can be relieved by using the acupressure point known as Shuai Gu which is situated above each ear. In 33 people with no tinnitus whatsoever, these procedures elicited tinnitus in almost 60%.
Some will experience increased tinnitus if they move their body, head or jaw in a certain way. Simultaneous with noting the defects and the symptoms of the person suffering from tinnitus, the age of the person also has to be noted. Each treatment of transcranial magnetic stimulation should not go for more than 40 minutes.

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