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In most instances, there is no medical or surgical cure for tinnitus or decreased sound tolerance. We offer 7 forms of Sound Therapy for tinnitus and 5 Sound Therapies to treat decreased sound tolerance.
The methods we practice have been clinically tested and proven to manage and significantly reduce the sufferer's disturbance, distress and attention to tinnitus in over 80 percent of cases. Approximately half of the tinnitus sufferers referred to us by physicians need nothing more than sufficient counseling to dispel their fears and concerns related to tinnitus. The process begins by conducting our Level-3 three-hour Tinnitus Rehabilitation Consultation to analyze thoroughly the patient's condition. The first phase of tinnitus counseling involves demystifying the inaccuracies of the patient's thoughts concerning tinnitus, which our Tinnitus Audiologist addresses and providing important information that needs to be known.

But therapies we employ, which are virtually identical to those offered by the 3 leading tinnitus treatment centers in America, provide significant relief in over 80 percent of cases.
Common additional benefits include lessening of anxiety, reducing the need for medications to cope with tinnitus, improving patients' ability to relax at will and sleep, increasing the patient's locus of control over tinnitus, and enhancing concentration impaired by tinnitus intrusiveness.
This, combined with validated protocols, such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), Neuromonics, and Hyperacusis Retraining Therapy, reduce distress and awareness of tinnitus and sound sensitivity, as well as many of the physical and emotional discomforts you may be experiencing due to your condition. We evaluate all aspects related to the symptoms and problems, including comorbid non-auditory conditions that may be aggravating tinnitus. The objective is for the Tinnitus Audiologist to select the best combination of treatments based on clinically-validated medical evidence, and the unique needs, capacity and preferences of each individual patient.
However, most concerned tinnitus patients ask many questions and want detailed explanations.

Additionally, we determine the severity and significance of the patient's tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance to ascertain whether to select a light or more rigorous treatment plan.
When appropriate, we use certain devices set in particular ways to mask or partially mask external sounds or the internal sounds of tinnitus. Typically, relieving patients' significant concerns enough for them to regain their confidence and to begin to successfully cope with tinnitus requires 60 to 90 minutes of in-depth counseling. In addition, we consider the relationships among hearing loss, tinnitus, sound sensitivity, disposition of the patient, motivation, and willingness and determination to comply with the requirements of care.

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