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Sound generators (also called 'tinnitus relaxers') are devices that generate soothing sounds to distract you from your tinnitus. It is important that any sound used is low level and non-intrusive so that you can still hear the tinnitus whilst using the low level noise, as the brain cannot filter out something it cannot hear. You may not hear your tinnitus if you are listening to music and radio or if you are watching television.
Another source of sound enrichment is the FM radio static (the hissing sound heard when the radio is between stations).
The bedside and table-top sound generators are fitted with timers which enable them to automatically go off when you are asleep. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, listening to a relaxing and soothing sound will help you a great deal. They generate a constant white noise which is a gentle rushing sound that is just like that of a radio tuned off-station (static). The wearable sound generators are like small hearing aids that can be worn behind the ear or in the ear. In sound enrichment, the sound used is low level and non-intrusive such that you can still hear the tinnitus whilst using the low level noise. Tinnitus masking is not really a form of tinnitus treatment; it can however give you some relief in the short term.
Generally speaking, it has been argued that it is counter-productive to completely mask tinnitus as this may prevent habituation.

I had actually never heard of Tinnitus before, but it sounds like something that might be pretty common. Since you now hear ringing sound in your ears, I will advise that you take appropriate step at managing and treating it once and for all. I have been dealing with tinnitus for the last 10 years and have never heard of sound enrichment.
Sound enrichment (therapy) has been in existence for a long time; it is the best way to adapt (habituate) to tinnitus. Please try some sound enrichment and give me your feedback as I am interested in your case and I wish to follow up on it. You may also wish to read my review on tinnitus treatment products, especially my top recommendation, the tinnitus miracle. It is especially useful at night, when there is less background noise and tinnitus becomes more noticeable.
It is believed that habituation, which is learning to live with or adapt to tinnitus, is often best achieved by using sound enrichment at a level that is a bit lower than your tinnitus. These include wind in the trees, sound of rainfall, waves breaking on the seashore, noises from a busy office, sounds from birds and traffic noise. They supply soothing sounds at the touch of a button and the volume can be adjusted to suit your hearing. When kept on a low volume, this can also help to distract you from your tinnitus in case you wake up in the middle of the night or in the early hours, when everywhere is quiet.

They generate and emit broad-band or narrow-band noise at low levels to mask the presence of tinnitus. A more effective approach may be to provide sound masking at a level just below the perceived intensity of the tinnitus signal.
The sounds of tinnitus include ringing, buzzing, humming, grinding, hissing, whistling and sizzling.
As rightly pointed out in the post,continued use of tinnitus masking can inhibit habituation. Our helpline team can advise you on a selection of tinnitus products, to help you find one that works for you.
This helps the patient become less aware of the tinnitus signal as the brain’s sound filtering mechanism adapts and adjusts to accept the signal as normal. Similarly, mere opening of your window can also be a source of sound enrichment, ditto the ticking clock and the fan in your room. There are some sound generators, mp3 and CD players that can be plugged into a sound pillow or pillow speaker, such that the sound they produce are inaudible to your spouse or other people in the room.
Whatever it is, the most important thing is for you to have a variety of sounds that will suit your mood and the degree of stimulation you desire.

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