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Tinnitus research initiative database, ringing in left ear treatment - PDF Review

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Almost everyone will experience some form of tinnitus at least once in the lifetime and in most of the cases this sensation disappears within seconds or minutes.
However, in approximately 10% of the population the tinnitus persists for more than six months and can remain chronic for the rest of the life.Even in the chronic case, the perception of the tinnitus can vary during the day and between days being sometimes more and sometimes less perceivable.
Until recently it was not possible to systematically track the tinnitus perception over several weeks.With this research project we want to offer a method to track the individual tinnitus perception with a smart phone application.

Using the website in conjunction with your phone you can systematically track the variation of your tinnitus and find out how it is associated with your daily routine and activities. Winfried Schlee (Tinnitus Research Initiative)Susanne Staudinger (Tinnitus Research Initiative)PD Dr.

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