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The Tinnitus support group will help you to understand your emotional reactions to tinnitus (which may be stress and anxiety) and will help you to retrain your responses to it, and give you advice on ways to manage your tinnitus. Support groups allow people living with tinnitus to come together and develop support networks.
Tinnitus is a condition where sounds are heard inside a person’s head where no external source is present.
Learning about tinnitus and understanding what is happening can also reduce the stress and anxiety that can make the condition worse.
The British Tinnitus Association has some great information which you can access on its website.
Of course, for the human touch you can come to the support group meetings – all welcome! The autumn meeting of the Shropshire Tinnitus Support Group at The Lantern in Shrewsbury was well attended and lively, with people travelling from throughout the county and beyond.
I have noticed that there are a number of similar mobile apps designed to help people manage their tinnitus – I think maybe I will download one!
The meeting continued with an informative presentation by Laura, Groups Project Manager at the BTA. Both the Shropshire Tinnitus Support Group and its sister group, the Telford Tinnitus Support Group, are members of the BTA. You may have spotted at the top of this post that the Shropshire Tinnitus Support Group now has its very own logo! The next full meeting of the Shropshire Tinnitus Support Group will be at The Lantern on Thursday 4 December, when it is hoped that various complementary therapists will make presentations – I had better get my skates on with the organisation!

A number of group members are also keen to stay on at The Lantern after the December meeting for a festive lunch – the cost should be around ?7.50, excluding drinks. The Shropshire Tinnitus Support Group is facilitated by Signal and the Audiology department at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader, with a trained team of friendly and experienced advisers for anyone who experiences tinnitus or those simply seeking guidance or information about the condition.
The BTA values the real benefit that groups can add in supporting people on the journey to managing tinnitus more effectively.To help achieve this, the BTA is supporting groups to a greater extent than recently.
The focus is on self help and furthering understanding about the causes of tinnitus, how this can be managed and recent research.
Here they can not only exchange their stories and share their anxieties and worries, but also talk about their own coping strategies and ways in which they learn to live well with their tinnitus. The sound of tinnitus can be masked by white noise machines, CDs playing music, or simply the radio.
This is the fourth time the group has come together and it was lovely to see people chatting and laughing with each other.
The app’s makers claim it features ambient sounds of the environment to help with relaxation and sleep.
If you are not a smart phone user, then the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) sells some sound therapy products, and, when the Signal Hub opens in Shrewsbury, some products will be available to test or buy there. Laura spoke about the BTA’s work and tinnitus in general and also described some of the research that is being carried out into the condition.
Individuals can also join the organisation, and it is worth noting that a discount on membership is available for people who are already members of the Shropshire and Telford support groups.

This uplifting logo has been designed by group member Caroline, who has kindly offered to adapt it for the Telford group too. As well as holding Self Help Groups Information Days, we have put together this magazine for those thinking of starting a group. Talking to someone about any anxieties you may have about tinnitus and any distress it may cause, can be therapeutic in itself.
However, for about 5% of the population tinnitus can be extremely distracting and make it difficult to lead a normal life, to work and to enjoy the company of others. Other methods focus on changing the emotional reaction to the noise that is heard, and relaxation therapy, cognitive type therapy and mindfulness medicine have been shown to help.
Investigating this app, I came across a review from one user who found the background “sound of a train clikity clack’ing over tracks” helpful. The group seemed particularly interested in research being conducted by neuroscientists, with an emphasis on how stress, anxiety and “emotional exhaustion” may impact upon individuals and lead to tinnitus. They also have some demonstration equipment that they can let you try out to see if it can help.

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