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Tinnitus ear pain, my ears are ringing constantly - Try Out

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Tinnitus is often linked to hearing loss - some scientists believe that when hearing is damaged in some way, by exposure to loud noise for example, there is excessive production of glutamate.
Animal research found that when the drug was put into the ear, it cut the sounds of tinnitus.
Dr Ralph Holme, director of Biomedical Research at the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, says: 'In recent years, there has been research into a number of drugs which aim to reduce the hyperactivity in the brain associated with tinnitus.

Patients may also be offered tinnitus retraining therapy, which is based on the idea that the nervous system can be trained to regard the noise as insignificant. And in a small pilot study on human volunteers in Germany, the majority of patients given the drug reported a significant reduction of tinnitus. Known as ototoxic medications, these drugs have the potential to damage the delicate structure of the inner ear, causing temporary or permanent hearing problems.

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