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The singing ringing tree sculpture, constant ringing in your head - For You

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A 3-meter-tall, wind-powered musical sculpture made of galvanized steel pipes, it stands high above the English town of Burnley. Rock Choir, the UK’s favourite contemporary choir rehearsing in 300 different locations. As I live very near the singing ringing tree have seen and visited a couple of times with children. The pipes swirl to form the shape of a tree bent and blown by the wind, and produce an eerie, melodious hum as the constant wind on Crown Point drifts through them. For those of us who aren’t professional musicians, singing publicly makes us vulnerable, and this means that the ice is already broken.
The Singing Ringing Tree’s pipes are used for both aesthetic qualities as well as for tuning, with their sound varied according to length and added narrow slits on the underside of specific pipes.

If you own the copyright to an image displayed on this site and would like the image to be removed, please contact us. Yet from the first rehearsal with my French choir, I felt a sense of connection, of understanding and innate similarity. The sound produced by these twisted metal trees covers several octaves and is said to be simultaneously discordant and melancholy, and intensely beautiful. Most importantly of all, these concrete benefits come as happy side-effects of something else: making music.
As it turns out, screeching for the top G in Carmina Burana is somewhat of a bonding experience. Choral music encompasses some of the most thrilling, heartbreaking, beautiful, and even catchy music ever written, and when you are in a choir you get to be a part of it in a palpable, physical way.

Perhaps the tenors shine out in these few bars, or the alto line becomes the rallying point for a rare moment, but this is only allowed to happen when everyone is working together. The miracle of a hundred people placing a consonant in exactly the right place, with perfect synchronisation, is one I never quite get over.

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