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Sylvia Nasar's biography of John Nash, "A Beautiful Mind," has become a New York Times Best Seller.
Nobel Prize winner John Nash has the same mental illness that affects more than two million Americans and 1 in 100 people across cultures: schizophrenia. He has experienced many of the same symptoms as others stricken with the disease: delusions, frequent auditory hallucinations, illusions that messages are being sent to him through television or newspapers, a skewed view of reality leading to paranoia. What distinguishes Nash from others diagnosed with schizophrenia is an uncommon amount of public attention.
The attention has resulted in a long overdue education for the public about a debilitating illness and its symptoms, treatments and prognosis.
Much debate continues as to what exactly schizophrenia is and what causes it, according to Gil. A common misconception about schizophrenia is the belief that it refers to "split personality," according to the American Psychiatric Association.

But while the Greek root schizo does mean split, it derives from a split between the mind and soul, and should not be confused with the disorder psychiatrists call multiple personality.
Often a person's cognitive abilities combined with any of these symptoms will predict the functionality of the patient, Gil said. And as John Nash's story reflects, schizophrenia is a long life illness, said Gil, and those who suffer from it-as well as the people close to them-must be prepared for a difficult, often confusing journey. Click to view the video with psychiatrist Roberto Gil, in which he discusses Nash's unique case, the common symptoms associated with schizophrenia and what family members can do to help. Schizophrenia usually strikes people in their late teens or early twenties, unlike Nash who didn't slide into the illness until he was thirty. Fifty percent of patients with severe symptoms continue to have disabling symptoms and require some level of supervision. She looked for any clue that might help her reconstruct Nash's rise as a brilliant young mathematician, his breakdown into 25 years of schizophrenia and the alienation that accompanied it, and his remarkable recovery in the past decade.

Positive symptoms are hallucinations, disorganized thinking, illusions that are very striking. However, there is some possibility that as a person ages, he might show signs of improvements or recovery. Most times mental illness in general and schizophrenia in particular comes the public's attention only when behaviors are bizarre or violent. Knight professor of business journalism, chronicled his life first in a series of articles for the Times, and in 1998 as a biography called, "A Beautiful Mind." And most recently, director Ron Howard translated Nash's story into a major motion picture featuring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe as the professor himself. Negative symptoms are more difficult to diagnose because they can appear like more common emotions: apathy, lacking interests or enjoyment, poverty of speech, lack of productive thinking, or feeling blank inside.

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