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Whiplash injury may cause hot, burning, shooting or stabbing pains in your neck and sometimes into one or both of your arms. Whiplash is a general term that applies to neck injuries that occur when the neck is extended, typically during sudden acceleration or deceleration. Whiplash is often caused by car accidents, especially those caused by a rear-end collision.
Statistics show that 85% of traumatic neck injuries are due to motor vehicle accidents, and there is a higher prevalence in females.
Whiplash occurs when the spine is impulsively stretched, primarily the anterior longitudinal ligament.
The Quebec Task Force is a panel of experts based in Canada that is dedicated to the study of whiplash injuries. Additional massage techniques recommended by ABMP for whiplash injuries include cross-fiber friction-based massage. If you have been involved in an auto accident, you may have experienced some of the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of whiplash.The symptoms and the level of pain vary from patient to patient. Contact one of our Delaware chiropractic offices today to set up an appointment or inquire about our services and to learn how chiropractic doctors can help ease the pain and symptoms of whiplash injury. Chiropractors are specialists in treating non-surgical spine injuries and commonly treat whiplash injuries from car accidents. The process of rehabilitation from a whiplash injury requires a concerted effort between the chiropractor, the patient and any other professional assisting in the case. Finally, the chiropractor will ask about any other symptoms that may be related to the pain, such as numbness, tingling, weakness, dizziness, or blurred or double vision.

Orthopedic Testing will be carried out by the chiropractor that stresses certain tissues to see if they have been injured by the whiplash. The muscles of the spine will be examined by the chiropractor for tender areas called myofascial trigger points, which are common sources of pain after whiplash.
Once all the necessary information has been gathered, the chiropractor will make a determination as to the best course of action required to bring about maximum recovery from the whiplash injury in the shortest time possible. Because each individual case of whiplash is different, it is not possible to generalize about chiropractic treatment. Whiplash is caused when an abnormal amount of motion or a force acts on the neck, which tends to take the neck backwards with an immediate motion, extending the neck beyond its boundary of motion.
The main symptom for recognizing a whiplash injury is the swelling and pain combined with tenderness.
The medical term for whiplash is cervical acceleration-deceleration, and the symptoms of whiplash are known as whiplash associated disorders.
Many medical experts recommend massage therapy to relieve the pain caused by whiplash injuries.
Less common symptoms include a pins and needles sensation in the extremities and headaches.
The trapezius muscle in the shoulder can also cause whiplash injuries when it is damaged through severe muscle contraction during acceleration. Myofascial massage provides specific benefits to whiplash pain beyond those of general relaxation. The term whiplash refers to the various neck injuries that can be sustained after a sudden, forceful extension of the neck.

Most commonly, people who suffer from auto accident injuries experience signs and symptoms such as soreness, stiffness and reduced range of motion in the neck and back.
The chiropractic doctors in our Newark, Dover and Wilmington offices can help with the treat your pain and heal your injuries. The likelihood of success of recovering from whiplash is enhanced by a continued focus on restoring normal function with the help of the chiropractor. The appropriate chiropractic treatment strategy is unique to each whiplash injury and is directed at the primary dysfunctions detected during the examination. These symptoms often do not appear for days after the injury, although they can be felt immediately.
A cervical collar can provide support for whiplash, but it should not be worn for more than three days due to the risk of muscular atrophy.
Trigger point massage relieves muscular tension in a specific area, which can be caused by whiplash. There may be other immediate symptoms such as headache or dizziness that come about as well.
The QTC also recommends that victims of whiplash return to their daily routine as quickly as possible.
Any massage technique that improves blood flow through the neck can relieve the headaches that commonly result from whiplash.

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