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Everyone has occasional impairments in their executive functions, individuals with ADD experience much more difficulty in development and use of these functions than do most others of the same age and developmental level.
They may have chronic difficulty with ADHD symptoms in most areas of life, but when it comes to a few special interests like playing sports or video games, doing art or building Lego constructions, their ADHD symptoms are absent. Most children, adolescents and adults with ADHD report these six clusters of impairments as chronic, to a degree markedly greater than persons without ADHD. Yet even those with severe ADHD usually have some activities where their executive functions work very well.
Brown studied children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with ADHD according to the DSM criteria. Many with ADHD report they can perform short-term projects well, but have much more difficulty with sustained effort over longer periods of time.

Although DSM-IV does not recognize any symptoms related to the management of emotion as an aspect of ADHD, many with this disorder describe chronic difficulties managing frustration, anger, worry, disappointment, desire, and other emotions.
Very often, people with ADHD will report that they have adequate or exceptional memory for things that happened long ago, but great difficulty in being able to remember where they just put something, what someone just said to them, or what they were about to say. Many persons with ADHD, even those without problems of hyperactive behavior, report chronic problems in regulating their actions.
The clusters are not mutually exclusive categories; they tend to overlap and are often interactive. They say they are distracted easily not only by things that are going on around them, but also by thoughts in their own minds.
In addition, persons with ADHD often complain that they cannot pull out of memory information they have learned when they need it.

Persons with ADHD also report problems in monitoring the context in which they are interacting. They fail to notice when other people are puzzled, or hurt or annoyed by what they have just said or done and thus fail to modify their behavior in response to specific circumstances.

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