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Somatoform disorders dsm iv, anxiety and insomnia medication - Review

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There is a degree of correspondence between the current Somatoform Disorders section in DSM-IV and the equivalent section in ICD-10: Chapter V. The authors conclude that the current structure proposed for DSM-V differed considerably from that of the somatoform disorders in DSM-IV; that the article gives an indication of a likely new structure, but that much remains to be done before this is finalised. There is overlap between the discussion reported here and the discussion currently under way towards the creation of DSM-V.

The concept of comorbidity in somatoform disorder—a DSM-V alternative for the DSM-IV classification of Somatoform disorder, Christina M. The proposed diagnosis of somatic symptom disorders in DSM-V to replace somatoform disorders in DSM-IV—A preliminary report, 04 November 2009, Joel E.
The next steps would include defining the criteria for disorders and the relevant dimensions which may be used.

The ICD-10 system has a similar problem as it has mental disorders separated from the rest of medical disorders.

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