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Sleeplessness symptom of pregnancy, depression in adults with long term conditions - Within Minutes

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Pregnancy insomnia can occur at any point during pregnancy, but it’s more common during the last few months, when changes to the body are at their most extreme. While doctors don’t distinguish this form of insomnia from conventional sleeplessness, pregnant insomnia sufferers tend to have a number of causes in common. Back pain – Many people suffer from back pain due to the difference in weight distribution and posture that occurs during pregnancy.
Heartburn – During pregnancy, the uterus expands and compresses the stomach and esophagus, making painful acid reflux more common. Anxiety – The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause a significant increase in the brain chemicals responsible for anxiety and depression.
Frequent, vivid dreams – Many pregnant patients find that changes in their hormones also cause them to dream vividly. Frequent urination – Uterine expansion can also compress the bladder and kidneys, causing pregnant patients to wake repeatedly in the night to use the bathroom. Treatment for this form of insomnia usually focuses on easing discomfort and targeting the symptoms, since the causes are difficult to treat.

Occasionally, insomnia is a symptom of depression (Merck Manuals 2013, NHS 2013, NCCMH 2009:19). These symptoms include a feeling of sadness that won't go away, loss of appetite or interest in anything, and constant anxiety. Another option, if you're becoming very tired towards the end of your pregnancy, is to start your maternity leave at about 36 weeks.
Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. As much as 80 percent of patients suffer from this problem at some point during their pregnancies.
These are all based on physical and hormonal changes that occur during the pregnancy, so insomnia tends to be at its worst when patients are nearing term and those changes are most severe.
Pregnant women get less sleep a night, on average, than non-pregnant women (Facco et al 2010).
But insomnia is just one of a range of symptoms you may have if you're experiencing depression.

By the third trimester, more than half of pregnant women say they sleep poorly (Facco et al 2010).
The opinions of doctors may vary, but most agree that sleeping on either of the sides relieves pressure on the back and is better for the health of baby and mother.All doctors agree that sleeping on the back should just not be done while pregnant, particularly in later months.
There are pregnancy pillows available specifically designed in a few different styles to offer comfort and relief.
It is important to remember that although tempting, all over-the-counter and even herbal or natural remedies are strongly advised against during pregnancy. Discuss new physical activities or regimens with your physician before starting.If anxiety and fear are causing sleeplessness, consider taking parenting or childbirth classes.

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