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After too many sleepless nights to count, endless hours commiserating with sleepy friends, and more crying (from mom) than we care to admit, we know the stress and frustration that comes with babies who just won’t sleep. A successful sleep routine is all about routine and the wearable blanket is a great next step as baby outgrows the swaddle (or for use from birth).
White noise can be tremendously helpful in providing a comforting sleep environment for baby. As with almost everything else, whether your baby lights a little light or prefers a pitch black room for sleep may be determined through trial and error.
Many baby products contain lavender for a reason: the scent is helpful in soothing and calming babies. As baby grows into toddlerhood, a lovey or comfort item can be hugely helpful in providing a familiar sleep environment for your child. We have covered all the pieces of the puzzle to help find your baby’s sleep solution. A good swaddle reminds baby of the secure and cozy environment in the womb and inhibits involuntary reflexes and twitches which may startle him awake.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit babies from birth up to 36 pounds, the SleepSack offers a generous fit to allow baby the ability to kick and roll around. Background noise reminds baby of being in the womb, helps block unwanted disruptive noise and can soothe and comfort baby. A few sprays of the Comforting Room Mist and both you and baby will breath a deep sigh of relaxation. Again, it’s all part of promoting a consistent sleep routine, making the comfort item a big help when you are traveling and baby is sleeping in a new bed. Anti-bacterial and organic, the Cuski is a smart way to leave your scent with baby while he sleeps. From swaddling to white noise to expert books, we’ve included the very best products to soothe, comfort and teach baby to sleep and sleep well.
Most importantly, a wearable blanket is the safest way to safely keep baby warm, as loose blankets increase baby’s risk of SIDS.
The zippers allow easy access baby’s diaper for changing, quick on and off and the ability to customize how it is closed for maximum comfort.

If possible, leave the white noise on throughout baby’s sleep (entire nap and through the night) to assist baby settle himself back to sleep if he wakes prematurely. Due to the increased risk of SIDS, do not place any loose, soft item in baby’s crib until baby is older. An extra-soft crib sheet goes a long way towards creating a comfortable sleeping environment for baby. Though you may be sleep-deprived, and the simple idea of reading puts you to sleep, investing the time and energy to read any one of these will help you teach your baby how to sleep.

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