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I weighed 325 lb., 5'6" with fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, constant migraines and difficultly sleeping.
If you've found my recommendations or this web site helpful, please "Like" Bariatric Surgery Source by clicking the like button at the top of the left margin. Talk to your surgeon and the expert who manages your comfort and care during the operation, your anesthesiologist. If someone tells me it isn't from the surgery, I will not believe them. I have had three absessed teeth in the past two years and I have never had that kind of dental pain in my life (49 years of it). Usually, sufferers snore thunderously and are dragged to my surgery by their exhausted partners. X Marks the Surgical SpotTo prevent mistakes, your doctor or nurse may use a pen to mark the place on your body where you're going have your surgery.
I had my surgery 9 years ago and the past three years is when I have noticed the decline in my teeth. Ask About Anesthesia OptionsHow you'll be numbed during the operation often depends on the type of surgery you're getting. Smoking makes people more prone, as does drinking alcohol, taking sleeping tablets and sleeping on your back. Adenoids can contribute to the problem and they are often the cause in children: removing them often solves the problem but it is not always a solution in adults.

Don't Fear Waking Up During the SurgeryComing to while under general anesthesia can happen, but it's rare to become fully aware.
Talk with your anesthesiologist before your surgery if you have any concerns, or if you think it's happened to you before. Pain After SurgeryYou may feel pain, pressure, or a burning sensation where you were operated on and as you start moving. Surgery is not a usual way to treat sleep apnoea other than to remove airway obstructions such as the tonsils or adenoids or nasal polyps.
If someone is diagnosed with sleep apnoea and does not have any of these conditions, surgery is not an option. For example, blood thinners and aspirin can put you at risk for too much bleeding.Your doctor will tell you which medications you should take before your surgery and which ones to stop. Surprising Supplement ReactionsMany supplements, such as ginkgo biloba, ginseng, garlic, echinacea, fish oils, or vitamins, may be risky to take before surgery.
There are measures you can take yourself that can start to help: losing weight, avoiding sleeping tablets and alcohol in the evening as well as stopping smoking all help. Stock Your Pantry and FreezerBefore your surgery, make sure you have plenty of healthy foods and drinks in your house. If your surgery affects your movement, look for soft, loose clothes that are easy to put on and take off.

Don't Eat or Drink Before SurgeryAnesthesia can cause vomiting during or after an operation.
Limit AlcoholDrinking can have unpredictable effects on anesthesia and cause other problems, such as too much bleeding or liver damage. Stop drinking, or at least cut back, to help lower your risk of complications from surgery.
Quitting before your surgery may also help you heal more quickly.It's best to stop at least 2 weeks before surgery.
Ask your doctor about steps you can take.If you're on high blood pressure medication, don't forget to ask if you should take it on the day of your surgery. While losing some pounds can help your recovery, don't start dieting without your doctor's OK if your surgery is less than a month away.

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