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To understand the symptoms of sleep apnea, I will split the list of the symptoms in two: things that happens during the night (when you sleep), and things that happens during the day. If you want to learn what happens when you ignore the sleep apnea symptoms, please read the article about the side effects of sleep apnea.
A detailed history from bed partners is imperative in all cases of suspected or undiagnosed sleep apnea.
A person who hasn't found he has sleep apnea doesn't realize the seriousness of the situation. The statistics related to obstructive sleep apnea, the more common type of apnea is alarming to say the least. So long as the symptoms remain undetected and the condition undiagnosed, treatment is also delayed. Of the three types of apnea – namely, obstructive, central and complex sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea happens when throat muscles collapse during sleep; central sleep apnea is a result of the brain’s inability to send out breathing signals and complex sleep apnea is a combination of these two types. Snoring interrupted by frequent pauses when it seems that the sleeper has stopped breathing. Forgetfulness, problems with concentration – after-effects of severe sleep disturbance. Though sleep apnea can affect anyone no matter what age and gender, as far as children are concerned, approximately 1 to 10% children get affected. It is also to be noted that symptoms as experienced by women are more subtle and likely to be REM related and differ from the typical clinical symptoms of the condition. Though at one point in time it was thought that sleep apnea affected more men than women, recent research on the subject of prevalence shows that the current ratio of men to women is 2:1. Men who are between 40 and 70 years of age have a 46% higher risk of death than healthy older men.
70% of men over 65 experience sleep apnea with an AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea Index) of at least 10.
In a research study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009, German researchers showed that close to 69% of men suffering from sleep apnea experienced ED as well. The sleep doctors at Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas are dedicated to effective sleep apnea treatment. To understand what it feels like to suffer from sleep apnea disorder, just hold your breath for 30 seconds. Certain sleep apnea symptoms consist of structural problems with the airway may cause breathing interruptions in breathing during sleep. Our physicians consider 5-15 episodes of obstructive sleep apnea disorder per sleep hour to be of mild health risk.

As the number of sleep apnea episodes increases, people are more likely to have a variety of health problems. Atrial fibrillation, an irregular beating of the heart, is more common in those with more frequent obstructive sleep apnea disorder. Our doctors will recommend a sleep apnea treatment based upon the findings of your sleep test. The sleep doctors and staff of Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas are here to assist those suffering from sleep disorders and their referring physicians. Meet our DoctorsLearn more about the brilliant mindsbehind SMAT with an up close andpersonal touch.
Please read carefully this page, as it may save your life.If you want to find what happens when you ignore these symptoms for a long period of time, please read the article about the side effects of sleep apnea. However, at some point, their life starts to be in danger due to ignorance and untreated sleep apnea. However, your spouse can see that something is wrong with you, and he or she can trigger the signal.
This can be extremely concerning to the partner and serve as the trigger to seek medical attention. You need to know the difference between a simple headache and headache caused by sleep apnea.Click here to learn more about the sleep apnea headaches. Approximately 18 million American adults are affected by it and as if this was not all, of those affected, 10 million are still undiagnosed.
Such pauses accompanied by shallow breathing happen when the muscles at the back of the throat are unable to keep the airway open for free flow of air to and from the lungs. In fact, the pauses happen when the relevant breathing muscles are incapacitated and unable to follow the commands to breathe, as sent out by the brain. The chronic sleep disturbance eventually impacts the functioning of two important appetite-related hormones – Grehlin and Leptin. While many symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea are similar to those of central sleep apnea, because cause of onset of the latter is different, symptoms are also unique.
In some people, sleep apnea occurs when the throat muscles and tongue relax during sleep and partially block the opening of the airway. An individual with sleep apnea is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing, even upon awakening. In obstructive sleep apnea disorder the person stops breathing for 10-60 seconds each time.
A single pause may last for 10 seconds or more and based on how serious the condition is, a patient could experience 5 to 30 such pauses in one hour.

Such lapse in coordination between the sender and recipient of the signals happen when there is an obstruction in the respiratory tract.
Obesity entails excess fat deposition in the respiratory tract which can constrict air flow and obstruct normal breathing. However, a study revealed that close to 50% of women do not report these to the doctor; instead, they report non-specific complaints like sleeplessness, depression, lethargy, tiredness, headaches in the morning, etc. When the muscles of the soft palate at the base of the tongue and the uvula (the small fleshy tissue hanging from the center of the back of the throat) relax and sag, the airway becomes blocked, making breathing labored and noisy and even stopping it altogether. The problem is most always identified by a sleep partner who witnesses this form of dangerous snoring. Although any type of obstructive breathing during sleep may be deemed upper airway resistance, a pre-apnea condition that involves a progressive narrowing of the airway during sleep is referred to as upper airway resistance.
People with sleep apnea disorder are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed by their doctor as suffering from depression. Studies demonstrate that our sleep apnea treatments achieve a significant reduction in apnea and symptoms in 80% of patients. Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder that occurs when there are abnormal blockages in breathing during sleep.
Sleep apnea can also occur in obese people when an excess amount of tissue in the airway causes it to be narrowed. Central sleep apnea is oftentimes never detected, as there is no sound or noise that is typically associated with the pauses in breathing. Thus it is usually the person sharing the same bed or room, who notices the distress that the patient is experiencing during sleep. This blocking of the tongue and throat can be complete (apnea) or nearly complete (hypopnea). A sleep partner may become aware that a person with central sleep apnea is breathing in a shallow manner and notice that the chest does not move for some seconds and then gradually start regular breathing again.
The chest and stomach are moving but the closure of the tongue and throat restrict airflow.

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