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Back in the day: The beloved broadcaster worked so hard across TV and radio in the early part of his career it led him to a nervous breakdown which landed him in hospital in his Twenties.
Signs or symptoms that indicate a person is possibly facing a nervous breakdown can vary from person to person. If you or someone you know is experiencing intense levels of any signs or symptoms listed above, it would be helpful to seek professional help. While dealing with a person going through an emotional breakdown, it is important to remember that the person has hit a mental block and is not able to find a way out of it. If a near and a dear one is suffering from a psychological breakdown, remember that it’s good to talk about it to people who have faced the same problem.
A 1996 study found that problems with intimate relationships, such as divorce or marital separation, contributed to 24% of nervous breakdowns. Signs of depression: Indicators of serious, profound depression can definitely trigger a nervous breakdown.
Signs of anxiety: Extreme anxiousness with an abrupt setting may signify the person is experiencing a mental breakdown.
Extreme mood swings: Mood swings that are so serious, they severely affect surrounding individuals is a signal of a nervous breakdown.

Hallucination: Seeing the false as truth can be an indicator of a nervous breakdown, as well as other underlying medical conditions.
Lifestyle changes: Significant lifestyle changes, such as changes in the sleep cycle, radical weight gain or loss, lack of hygiene or poor eating habits can indicate a nervous breakdown.
Alienation: People who are facing a nervous breakdown may tend to isolate themselves from others, especially friends and family. Loss of interest: If a person who used to love his or her work suddenly calls in sick frequently, that individual may be showing signs of depression and can evenutally lead to a nervous breakdown. Flashbacks of a traumatic event: Often times, traumatic events in a person’s past can trigger symptoms of a nervous breakdown. While nervous breakdowns may happen to anyone, these signs may just indicate an underlying mental condition – you may end up saving a life.
Prevention of mental breakdowns has been a neglected area of study, although research has been started now in this area as well. Other signs of anxiety, such as high blood pressure, clenched or tensed muscles, clammy hands, trembling or shaking, dizziness or upset stomach all signify the beginning of a nervous breakdown.
Sometimes, they may just need some time to be alone and recuperate from a hectic situation, but when the isolation persists for an extended period of time, this may be an indicator of a possible nervous breakdown.

It has been noticed that people who suffer physical, sexual and emotional abuse take longer than the people who have a mental breakdown due to trauma to recover from it. Surveys suggest that in the United States, health problems have decreased in importance as a contributor to nervous breakdowns, as these accounted for 28% of nervous breakdowns in 1957, 12% in 1976, and only 5.6% in 1996. Seek the help of a professional if you suspect PTSD is the main contributor to a nervous breakdown.
Often, people recover to a large extent from the breakdown symptoms but take longer to completely recover from it. If these issues are not adjusted, mental stress may follow and lead to a full-blown breakdown.

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